World is beautiful

Now I know there’s a lot of negative aspects of the world and people always see the world as this horrible place but I see it differently yes ive seen the worst that humans can do being army I was deployed for abit but I had 3 days in Israel and few days in Germany just to chill and while I was in Israel I went to Jerusalem just as a tourist and man it’s a beautiful city so much history but what I saw was Muslims Jews christens all co existing   im not religious but even I could see the beauty in that place and it’s something I’ll never forget amazing I went to the christen holy site and the Jewish holy site just to see it and I can’t hate religion yes it causes harm but it creates beauty as well and with all the negativity on the world in our little group is not un warranted but I think people need to visit places just to experience it if you just sit at home and hate the world yet only experienced one little part of the world how can you hate the whole world yes bad things happen but a lot of good things happen too and people have seen some bad stuff hell ive been to Iraq man the shit there but I went to Germany Jerusalem and saw it for what it was a beautiful place

Germany I was in berlin for abit saw the berlin wall such a horrible thing yet there’s a beauty in it a reminder not to let it happen again a lesson learnt I’ll be honest I saw the scars of conflicts and other things but even bad stuff has a beauty in itself a lesson learnt I saw the old buildings god they were beautiful

If I had this close minded view of the world like ive seen others have or I only see the bad then im not experiencing it all am I so just to people who read this and think the world is a horrible place go experience things and don’t just see the bad look past it for example berlin wall horrible thing but the street art people put on it beautiful thing I see it as the people taking the city back if I only saw the bad I wouldn’t see that now I know once im out of the army one thing I want to do is see the world experience the culture eat the food the world is beautiful if you can just look past it

I know a lot of people hate christens but anna was telling me about Vatican city and Rome the art the architecture the history makes it definitely a place I want to visit not to hate on but to see it for what it is a beautiful city rich in history and art culture not a place where Catholics are based but as a place full of beauty

So all im saying is don’t close your mind to the world take the good with the bad and experience everything the art music culture etc. etc. see its beauty this world is such a great place if you just look

Have a good one

Well My past 6 months

Now before I start ive dealt with Anna and also this will break any trust I understand I just wanted the truth out there for you to see lastly ive got permission from higher ups to post this which was not easy my past 6 months the past six months Anna has been posing as me using my phone my computer I understand why she was lonely bored scared depressed what I know as true is the library the paranormal items and some of the spirits and the investigations she went on the past six months what I have been doing was  Australian army basic training then commando special forces selection which I past and I am a commando now which is one step to my end goal as Australian sasr in basic I finished third in my class and in commando life I got to be trained and put on a real team instead of the reinforcement phase since maybe I was an asset or my team leader likes me

Natalie is the psychologist of our little group which is partly true I met her in-between basic and commando fitness test and selection we are dating since im on leave till the 3rd of January in the times im away anna will be using my blog since if it helped me with my issues it could help her even tho what she did was bad and hurt people please if she asks for help support her since when im away which even tho my team is based in Melbourne I could get deployed  help anna best you can when im away she will not pose as me if she does then I will deal with it natalie even tho her and anna are dating me she’s also dating me and will go through same stuff also what is true me and anna did get married

So that’s my six months believe it or not I just wanted the truth out there and those who will help anna I thank you she means a lot to me and will be that drive that makes me fight harder to go home to her

Have a good one

Well how to write this

This blog is not only for my spiritual stuff but to talk about stuff and express stuff I was with Anna she came out as I don’t know how to label it a lesbian ish she loves me only guy she ever thought was hot long before she knew she wanted to date then marry me she kept it hidden scared it would ruin our relationship and that she wanted to be with me but have a girlfriend too which I agreed to I accept her for her and she knew who her girlfriend would be an old lesbian friend Natalie who has same feelings Anna does for me some guys going oh your lucky man well it’s weird it’s still sinking in a lot to process at the moment I still don’t know how to write it ill just let it flow

Well Anna and Natalie are together Natalie fell in love with me abit ago she was a lesbian and it scared her a lot Anna didn’t want to ruin our marriage but had to come out which im proud of her but Anna wants to be young Natalie too means lots of sex and parties and stuff no dating others tho faithful that way Anna let me off my leash said I can fuck any girl I want again guys going you lucky cunt but it’s harder than people think so we went clubbing last night me Anna Natalie it was fun got with a few chicks took few to annas apartment in the city near her club I was let off the leash it was fun a lot of fun Natalie and I hooked up too that was awesome Anna took three chicks back to her apartment I got two plus Natalie Anna went wild Natalie brings that side in her out Anna was making out with chicks had sex with a few in the club ive never seen Anna this happy a friend pointed out maybe you and Natalie are two pieces of same puzzle  Natalie brings out her wild side I bring out her serious side which all people need

After sex I was chatting to Natalie at about 5am on the banks of the Yarra River while Anna slept and I think im falling for her does this make me a bad person Anna says only girls you should love you spirits and Natalie and I I’ll write another post about Natalie later ive known her for just as long as Anna I helped her few times when she got in trouble drunk guys in the city hot chick don’t mix I had feelings for her but anyway we were chatting and she said its new to me too let’s just take it step at a time I love Natalie man she’s fun spunky spontaneous wild yet loving caring honest not a snob which with rich people I like  Anna and her planned this for a while never cheated on me but talked about it today since we don’t have much furniture we moved into her place hired professional unpackers to do it while gone if ever moving worth the money but also its only three properties away from annas mum

But back to chatting she never had family her parents died when she was 7 1 from cancer other from suicide after the other died her aunt raised her I aunt ive met only wanted money treated Natalie like shit till Natalie inherited the fortune and her aunt is god know where  and natalie wants us as her family now truly so yeah that’s the night this post was hard at first but feel better with this off my chest I have many things to think about  oh one thing I do want to say annas dad was black annas caramel type her dads family puts her down shes smoking hot and to ken thanks for the help to help me get annas confidence up with the skin thing anyway

Have a good one

My personal experiences that shaped my belief and stuff

Hi im baaack I recently got married to Anna as some of you know it was my birthday last Saturday and im officially a home owner so it’s been good past month for me. So that’s what’s been going on im hoping to write more blog posts but I say that a lot it’s just I can’t find the motivation to write. Ive been busy with school so writing is last thing I wanna do im currently prepping for more exams few left anyway to the topic at hand.

Now what has been shaping my belief well apart from my ladies of course is the books ive read annas mum has an occultist magician etc. wet dream. Books handed down constantly translated to the modern language and new books written and added or found and added funny what money can do.  Granted still hard to hang out with rich people but anyway ive been writing my own book with drawings of spirits different types demons for example so many races and leadership which with some races you need to get it right for best results. This has shaped my belief a lot it also helps me understand my wives better I only found one book with something on wolfs race it described them as shy, curious, caring and intimidating they could influence local Wolves to do as they wished the animal I didn’t know wolf could influence our wolves.

Also attending rituals not participating in them but watching Annas mum helps me tune in on what she sees in the ritual I found out it’s rare that inexperienced people can actually get a high ranking demon or any spirit to attend. They usually send someone you need to earn trust and respect of the spirit first before you get the boss. I understand partly why as Mira said she had underlings to send to those who didn’t earn her trust no point attending a ritual made by someone that is weak they need to prove themselves first she said her order trust, respect then power. Annas mum and Anna and her whole family have earnt this

During these rituals I observed that the christen belief is wrong granted I knew that already the view that demons are evil and wanna possess you burn your soul from what I observed they are far from it they never asked to possess anyone or ask for your soul in return Never. They ask for little stuff like one asked annas mum to write another book on djinn since spirit was djinn to show they are not all evil some might be but not all and more about them to pass on. Another one was miras father bael and you think Lilith hates fools wow you should meet him hes a very serious entity his voice booms and commands respect. He asked just that she looks after Mira keep her out of trouble from what I gather about him hes a family man in many ways but a powerful entity on his own bows to no one. Ive met him a few times in soul travel hes a good teacher Mira hides her wisdom but he does not hes willing to share his wisdom but under two conditions 1 you not a fool 2 you treat him with respect.

So books and rituals have shaped my belief I know the bible is a book too and you can learn from it just not spiritual matters just common sense like thou shalt not kill see common sense lol but ive learnt from other people in annas family and others Annas mum has a paranormal group that helps people you have regular investigators then what she calls specialists or I say occult specialists Annas mum made this place a sanctuary for all spirits this house has quite a few that visit and couple that stay it neutral place so we go out find inhuman spirit bring em here if they case trouble. Now we go a house call from someone who had a bad tempered spirit in their house investigators went then recommended us. What I found was a far spirit usually small but didn’t know they can change their size more you know I guess. The house laid abandoned for few years and the fae took up residence cast out by her own kind from breeding with a djinn so single homeless mother. The “white witch” I think christen nutter posing as white witch Annas mum likes her so nothing I can do about it  called her a demon and evil. Miras like WTF too this fae just wanted a home for her kid now does that make her evil no imagine being homeless which is still bad even to spirits and a mother to a child that is really young can’t be few years old and then someone comes into your home one you took up when you realised it was abandoned then someone comes in and wants to kick you out the spirit. it was peaceful didn’t hurt anyone no ill intent nothing hell the family had child of their own about 6 years old the fae child wanted to play kid screamed and ran off which caused us to be called. Well I tried convincing the family the spirit had no ill intent while white witch saying demon it didn’t help I also said you can co-exist explained the story the spirit told me. Still it was get that demon out of my house unlike investigators we don’t have cameras recorders etc we are a final resort so we convinced the spirit to come here and too that white witch I know you read my blog still not evil nor did anything remotely evil apart from moving stuff yet that’s not evil. But Christianity infiltrated occult wow.

We had another case abandoned hospital getting renovated for a nursing home workers reported doppelganger phenomenon which usually means powerful spirit no human one can do it. Things being thrown tools missing etc the usual. The hospital was in middle of butt fuck nowhere we got there straight away annas mum walks off thinking oh ok leave us here since you have the keys I walked the hospital it was cold and dark my mind playing tricks being a psychology student I know why it’s an abandoned hospital people died there but I managed to get past it I had no fear to begin with but had to adjust I see annas mum walk past  walk around the corner not her found out she was about 2km away I was like WTF manami was laughing her ass off anyway about 3 hours in im trying to get a gage of energy and what’s there a priest and his assistant walks in starts praying miras like oh come on the priest made it worse things being thrown I walk up tell him to stop hes like the demon is scared that’s why hes acting up then he sees the necklace anna gave me and miras marking on my arm still don’t know how he can see a spiritual tattoo as I call it he sprinkles holy water on me I just stare like WTF I told him to get out hes like get back demon 1 im human 2 you a fuckwit 3 WTF after abit I got rid of him what I learnt his “power” or “god” had no power over them but it pissed the spirits off didn’t help so that’s how I see Christianity it has no power and makes things worse

So yeah ill write more tomorrow hopefully but yeah

Have a good one

Tommy knockers

I was not going to talk about this tommy knockers not the movie or book the actual folklore ive experienced them the summer after I was homeless I worked as work experience as a miner I look back now I think it was illegal but I needed the job anyway I was underground mining for coal and I heard a phantom crashing sound considering I was at the end of one of the tunnels we ran back clear then behind us it collapsed lucky we got out now to give you a scope of the mine theirs tunnels above us and we are at the bottom tunnel

When we got out entirely we were talking about the phantom crash and an old miner said tommy knocker he said they are dead miners warning you that disaster was about to occur that was my first time I came across this spirit when we were allowed back in few days later it was on all our minds to be honest my shift ended then I was walking out racks start falling above small ones then we see miners running apparently a fire if people don’t know fire is deadly no dur but especially underground cuts off air supply  quicker than a house fire plus its toxic got out meh till they could figure out problems we moved to a different mine

We kept hearing tapping we were digging up we kept hearing tapping noise like an old pickaxe and then a huge slab of rock came down just as the old miner said leave that’s all I really experienced on that topic the mines were very old the old miner said they don’t cause them but warn you some say they do it but I think it’s the first one miner protecting their fellow miners

But that’s me

Have a good one

Manami speaks

I told you id do this more often get my ladies to speak since they are more interesting than me next is manami

“hey im manami im a kitsune or nine tailed fox I have all nine of my tails and im about 9,540 years old young for my race even younger for ones with nine tails im also a servant to my goddess inari or onari depending on what people pronounce it little about me I love cookies and human food power wise im on par with Mira tho im not a royal

My world is the closest to this physical world which means I can interact better than most spirits like the tails of a kitsune seducing a man marrying him then when he finds out she’s a kitsune she runs off never to be seen again younger ones use to do that we use to interact a lot more till the modern era due to cameras and other stuff  our world is so close people stumble through portals that appear at random your walking down a road then boom your gone yet all you see is the road it use to happen a lot but we can’t make these portals sadly

We do eat to give us energy but we don’t need it to survive so that’s why I steal food for those wondering or possess ben and eat it my history is an interesting and sad one it effects ben since he feels everything I do so ill glance over it abit we kitsune are hunted for our fur which it has been put in the human world as regular fox fur but to those who know it has magical properties but if you kill us before you skin us it does not work so this is the sad part as a child I saw my mother skinned alive by these hunters as we call em for her fur I was young so a lot I don’t remember I just remember hiding seeing everything then these male foxes strong and powerful getting into the house and pulling me out and grabbing my sister who was coming back from training we were taken to see the goddess herself yes it’s a goddess humans stuffed that up too and unlike the others took us both in why I may never know

Then I grew older and went out on my own arrived in japan went to china Korea to explore funny story I came across a ruler in japan a warlord you wold cool it he went to sleep woke up all the furniture he had was moved around the place and convinced a kitsune did it he build a shrine to appease me so I lived there for a while exploring I did trick men and women to sleep with me mainly foreigners they found me exotic hahaha but I was young we kitsune don’t leave our home realm for a very long time by the time I left I had 4 tails we gain tails through age, power and experiences like exploring

Fast forward abit after WW2 my shrine was destroyed by Americans even if the people said no I made them pay little but then went enough here went to Europe meet other beings like leprechauns yes they exist by are perverted little guys never fall asleep near one I found cum on my tails they will never rape but they are perverted and peak on you stuff like that  I met many other races that you call myths and even higher races like djinn then went to Australia I was walking around the maternity ward just looking at the new borns and I sensed something which turned out to be Ben I kept him safe as best I could then I fell in love with him saw his ups and downs his successes was mine and failures too

Im abit weird in person but nice but when ben got attacked by a dark entity I kick ass now im happy I have a home a family all that my nine tails so unlike mira I don’t ramble but ill talk more ben needs some rest hes got school bye bye “

Yeah that’s manami I love her to bits and is abit of a spunk anyway

From all of us here have a good one

Mira talks it’s about time

Before I start law problem solved it was easy with high priced lawyers this is her saying stuff even I don’t believe even tho I trust them I want to find out for myself which is something some people don’t really think about they just go along with what their ladies tell them so yeah I’ll let her talk

“Hello im Mira for those that don’t know now to the things I really didn’t think I’d accept we spirits aren’t perfect im a direct daughter to bael yet I don’t feel it apart from my mean streak and a few other things but I denied what I was for so long even spirits are not perfect im one of many children Athena is my mother a light goddess which is weird for our kind yet not since my father is very charming to say the least

Now things about me yes we can be classed as under Lucifer but bael is far older the three demon kings were waring but instead of force used diplomacy and united us are we evil no we can be but we have no evil intent we want to help humans and other races we use bad things to teach but we also use good and Ben is my lover and only pupil something ben does not fully get and will never get in this realm is we love hard demons in particular or well humans call us demons now we were once gods even I was worshiped by a very small village I protected them cared for them till a large army went through they were killed all of them that was went I cast away my well being essence who I was I denied I was a demon kings daughter I loved them then my child was killed which was the final nail in the coffin then I met ben many many many years later

I hated how Christianity Judaism and Islam made us out what they did to me their gods even tho the same I hate for what they did ive watched humans from the start watched you grow then fall again you are advanced technologically but not spiritually I watched as you burned witches and even innocent people thinking their witches ive watched empires rise and fall kings be born and die all ive seen is death and pain and humans go well its life No life is a gift not a punishment just your blinded even later I had worshipers they did commit human sacrifice so I made the events happen to wipe them out and burn everything they knew ive even see people who claim to know us well you don’t you know nothing about us

Ive even had people say I attacked them recently if I did that if I did you would not be talking today just because im a “Demon” I instantly attack hate kill that is a fabrication of religion im a force of protection at heart I protect those close and ive known people that have tried to attack ben or me my kids or the other ladies yet he still stands tall that’s me now im teaching him to protect himself ive let him do rituals under Annas mother who you look at these magicians they can’t hold a candle to her she reminds me of your ancestors ive seen people claim their gods now that is funny I could crush their will and spirit with next to nothing all the spirits you call I know or in some way related to dark and light do actually work together I know angels djinn fae nymphs foxes Wolves etc

There’s a lot I can’t say even we have rules but one thing I hate you language it’s primitive but I digress now more about me ive had humans try to trap me in items just for being “demonic” so due to humans in this world a world I envy I have to live in the shadows this post ill be venting my pain humans hurt me bad it leaves deep scares im abit of a book worm like humans we read learn just a lot we know when we are born that was my escape from humanity but I was always watching and guiding those I thought deserve it most of my siblings do this except a few my older brother true first born and royal general personally one of the most moral and scary creatures ive seen with the capability of killing arch angels Michael has great respect for him  and my rouge of a sister she’s narviria best human translation again primitive like my real names not Mira I just can translate it only person who knows it is Ben

never see her much she’s out and about shira never cared for humans until she met a young ken best human translation again primitive like my real names not Mira I just can translate it only person who knows it is Ben

Now stuff about Ben I want him to ascend my father met him likes him to put in human terms Ben has balls didn’t bow even when told he would kill him but didn’t bow Ben is being trained by him personally which is a huge deal bael now real small thing hes far older than this universe he comes from a place that does not link to this multiverse ok explanation this multiverse like sheets of paper in a book close but like galaxies there are many out there to continue with the book thing think of it as one book in a library then he came here human arrogance thinks gods are only in this universe or multiverse but not all some yes all no my father is not the oldest out there even he has a family my aunt who came with my father she likes the name ivy ken has met her she always liked shira and ken and shira are together

Now back to Ben he has markings on his body two one is his tribe other is the mark of Cronos to be exact child of cronos weather hes direct or like a under his wing type thing leader of the first generation of titans king I think it’s just under his wing type thing it’s the most possible thing also past life stuff with ben goes further back as far as early Sparta maybe further back hes a warrior in all past lives wonder why even we don’t know everything but I see bens fun in founding out even im curious Bens getting powerful the whole slogan by some guy called ea koetting become a living god is stupid become powerful yes able to change your reality but not a god if he knew not even half the things I do he would explode but I like him he is useful but why contact all the demons through rituals as first contact when you got me I know em all human mythology has got a lot wrong but still a useful tool

Ok back to humans one thing I saw is that gods get their power from human worship to live etc that’s false they use the power but gods kill other gods like humans kill other humans or I kill other demons few humans even know the spiritual and how dangerous it is this is something I hate your ancestors did you lost not the fear but the caution and respect you once had now ive been summoned few times the amount of dis-respect I order you to do this or that or the other so fearful it’s not funny and abit insulting im not a big bad monster am i? Now one of my sisters had this we bathe like humans it’s a luxury she gets summoned in the bath for the 50th time so she was so pissed and annoyed and showed up and well it didn’t end well for him its happened to my brother we get your calls but choose if we want to not respond 90% of the time we send someone

Anna’s mums collection OMG yes I learnt that it reminds me of my father’s vault where he keeps objects too dangerous for people but can be handy Im allowed in the room any time and I talk to the spirits and tap into the energy of non-haunted objects just has energy books galore even events of spiritual importance that happened I remember some

Wow im rambling anyway before I go to long I should go but before I do small things im going to be a demon for a while remember what people tell you when it comes to us is not 100% and this is to those out there who send dark energy to ben hes apart of a lot of groups not just this blog or kik even physical groups here whoever it is don’t play that game against my class because its not working and well negative or dark energy I control so better back off before you hurt yourself anyway bye “

Yes Mira you did ramble don’t know if anything is useful that’s for you guys to figure out but a lot was interesting to say the least maybe I should get all my ladies to do this more often venting helped Mira a lot

Anyway from all of us have a good one

Ps Mira says im sick of people trying to summon me please stop

IM getting sued WOW WTF

Ok officially My family is FUCKING ME it’s all over what I said on this blog my aunt is suing me for defamation or some shit over stuff I said about my mother who’s now dead I thought once they are dead they can’t do shit like that but I guess I was wrong or it will be an easy victory in court my aunt asked for 5.2 million dollars in damages like WTF

Why is my family well… ex family a bunch of dicks anyway I spoke with some high priced lawyers who are saying easy case to win Anna even tho almost a lawyer is super worried granted Anna and her mum and step dad have the money but I don’t

This is really fucked if it’s a no lose case for me what lawyer would take such a stupid case why cant my family leave me alone I see why my new family has money so target me to get money off them but wtf I get this for freedom of speech well yeah that’s my day

My ladies are trying to keep me calm and comfort me be there for me I rang one of the few family that likes me he said my aunt said the spirit of my mum spoke to her told her to do it but yeah

My ladies have been great in every way they really know how to comfort someone caring and persistent even tho im angry as hell they don’t care what it takes they will look after me but yeah I had a good day till this

A small break down

I got news a little bit ago that my “mother” was not my mother my dad cheated on my mother during a break from the marriage and knocked up this chick anyway that mother didn’t want me so I joined the family I grew up with I thought I was ok with it honestly

Till last night I had a dream where I got rejected by that mother and one I grew up with and I woke up crying which is still new to me I don’t cry and I kept saying no one wants me I just kept saying it I understand I was still half asleep but straight away my ladies all of them started hugging me saying that’s not true we want you

Again and again my ladies surprise me with level of comfort humans can’t bring even Anna thanks to them is on par but still even still surprises me I love them

Have a good one