something i was thinking about faith magick etc why do we turn to it deep inside not just eg personal wealth or good luck. i think its beauty its something bigger than us yet why cant we be content when we live in a universe where anything could happen. in physics we are taught that things can appear from nothing at all for no real reason that we know of so a pile of gold can appear in front of me right now. how about the odds that two particles in the sun will collide and produce nuclear fusion that warms out planet it is almost impossible yet it happens. how about the face that humans are here the odds are both impossible yet possible
yet there could be a verson of me in this universe living on another planet and i mean an exact copy so why do we do magick really deep in our souls they say you can make your own reality yet it doesnt seem to work like that well the way we want it to become a living god we are almost there without magick we built planes so we can fly phones so we can talk long distance thats breaking the human bindings not magick but our mind now im not saying magick is bs but why follow it why do it when u can do anything you want to do if you truly work hard and in a multiverse of possibilities why not when you could be the version of you in this place that does it
have a good one

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