are spirits mis classed

as a philosophy student we are taught to think of ideas, think outside the box and taught to argue and create a decent argument and i was thinking are spirits a type of biological being? just as humans we label them as non living entities because they dont exist in the physical. they arent like lions or tigers or even us right? they have powers like being invisible well the way i look at it thats just not true. we all have advantages humans have brain to help us make traps to hunt animals and to live better than being a man running around climbing trees



1. Of, relating to, caused by, or affecting life or living organisms: biological processes such as growth and digestion.
2. Having to do with biology.
3. Related by genetic lineage: the child’s biological parents; his biological sister.
4. Being male or female by having the chromosomes for that sex

now lets look at it they grow maybe differently but they grow from a child to an adult all be it differently but growth is still there. and who says they dont digest food sources maybe not in a way we are familiar with. 2nd we already know im arguing they are biological 3rd they may have genetics like us a way to tell each entity apart we know they have bloodlines hense direct daughters to Lilith they have families of a mother, father even brother and sister 4th they can change gender but i do believe they are born as a gender and like trans people choose to be the other gender granted they can do it at will and who says that they dont have a thing similar to chromosomes or DNA

what are some common things we think of as a biological being eat/feed spirits do feed, sleep ive noticed they sleep, reproduce well we know they do and they die again maybe not the way we do old age sickness etc. these might not be in a typical way such as sleep they may sleep for a different reason than us feed again might be used for different things might not need to keep them alive but they have a reason to feed like our reason to feed is to stay alive

just because they do natural processes for a different reason does not mean they are not biological they are energy which is a loose term at best who says a type of energy isnt biological if we came across an alien from another planet that is energy or even gas is it not a biological being even if it shows similar things to what we do what if we came across an alien that doesn’t eat at all is it biological of course its biological so why arent spirits a type of biological being because they come from another reality? thats kind of a stupid argument if you ask me if there are more than one universe which i believe by the way than is that alien from another universe not biological just because it comes from a different reality?

this is a summery of a paper im currently working on granted less well good in grammar or punctuation but i feel it gets the point across that maybe spirit term or definition isnt  completly right maybe a spirit is a type of biological being who knows its just an idea
have a good one

One thought on “are spirits mis classed

  1. That’s a very interesting thought, and sounds valid to me. We too should continue to be biological when we leave this body. I mean, we would still have an etheric body, then Astral body, etc. Life is life, whether or not science can prove it, right?

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