talking about a topic that should be talked about not censored

doing courses like philosophy have made me understand the world alot more especially on topics of politics, the economy, social issues, metaphysics and so on. This blog is me venting not in the best way i often misspell things use less sophisticated language and have bad grammar mostly because i dont care. Tho in school i’ve excelled in my chosen well forced by my ladies path which im still trying to figure out why. ive gone from a thug from a bad neighbourhood who just happened to love books to a university student who is fearful of the way political correctness in academia have risen up to corrupt free speech and thought . who brought these issues to university? well feminists and SJW’s of course ive seen the effects of this toxic views where students teachers and other people are being censored.
on my walk to the building my classes are in i get given many pamphlets about feminism, black lives matter, trans phobia, rape culture and of course the patriarchy. if you so much as say no to these items of propaganda you get called names even spat on by these people. i’m just trying to go to class where instead of being taught to use the freedom of thinking and expression we are being taught what to say and what not to say. I’ve heard stories of people questioning this and they got expelled or fired. unless they were females who question it they just get a stern talking to or even if your not white just a talking to yet if your white you get expelled or fired. this is an attempt to censor free speech.
why am i making this post a teacher of mine stood up to the feminists and SJW’s because they were telling this person on how to teach. yet do they have 30 years experience of teaching this field most likely not. guess his gender, sexuality, ethnicity and political leaning. the person is male, straight, white and a conservative well hes a libertarian but still. why is he being fired a man that also excels in his field for just speaking up. well the left don’t like hearing other opinions that disagree with their lies. we are even being put in a gender studies class feeding the future great mind a load of shit rife with statistical and common sense errors. i don’t judge so i put 100% in the class a paper i wrote was graded lower even tho a female friend who even said she wrote a completely shit paper (shes ant feminist especially in the classroom) got a higher grade and she asked the teacher why i got a lower mark im quoting what she said ” because hes a white straight male” now hows that fair your pre judging that my misogynistic based on my sex and ethnicity. yet if i did that i’d be fired so explain how thats fair.
now i have harpies annoying me because in a debate last night i said no real man would want to marry you and that your destroying women and men alike quoting the sexodus written by Milo Yiannopoulos. men are running away from women retreating into video games, masturbation and sports or for me books, video games and succubi. so why are men running away from women well because everything we do is labelled as racist homophobic sexist etc. men dont know how to deal with women anymore because of it which if it continues to trend into the next generation we are in serious trouble as a species. what is funny tho this makes women miserable men can retreat from women but the women follow because they hit 30 and are miserable they most likely own a cat have relationship disasters and no children.
i know personally ive been far better retreating from society id rather be with my ladies, read books, play games, and sport than dealing with human women and all their craziness divorcing anna was best choice i made she used me and because shes a woman its ok not using anyone is not acceptable i dont care what gender you are. my spirits deserve my attention rather than human women they never use me nor do they manipulate me sure they guide me but i still have free will plus my money stays in my wallet. i’ve noticed tho due to not giving the women the attention i either get attacked by feminists or get alot of attention me retreating from society isn’ because im a shut in anti social neckbeared fat guy no im fit can be social tho i don’t like people all that much and i can get girls unlike these beta male whiteknights the feminist rather me over them because im a man… a real man who doesn’t really care about them.
it’s funny how succubi act more like how women should act they understand males better than human women of course us guys are simple food, sex, video games or whatever and sleep yet feminist would go they are oppressed they aren’t they do what they wish when they wish they understand a relationship isn’ one sided that it takes two to tango and they dont manipulate us guys to get what they want. well not in the traditional sense hahaha when you wake up rock hard thats them going we want to play hahaha but they don’t guilt me bully me or any of that they understand males will be males we do stupid stuff sure they don’t like us getting hurt but they understand its a guy thing they understand that we are loud rambunctious and fun we are creative, smart, strong granted just like them but in their eyes human women pushed us off that path because human women when dealing with a man like that cant control him.
well thats enough for today i got a paper to write for my physics course/ degree ill write more on topics like this at a later date
have a good one

4 thoughts on “talking about a topic that should be talked about not censored

  1. People will be people, each individual will have there way to think and act things through. As a society I have to agree more so then ever. We are going down hill. We should engage with each other without censorship and be willing to be blunt etc.

  2. Look a little deeper and notice who is funding and pushing these degenerate philosophies. Jewish supremacists are behind most of this insanity, just like what happened when that tribe snuck into Russia back in the 20s.

  3. I feel for you having to endure the modern university setting. Anyone who is perceived as an “oppressor” class is treated with the utmost disrespect. (Cultural Marxism… proletariat vs. bourgeoisie) Especially those who are white, male, straight, and Christian. I am grateful that I finished my studies at a very conservative Christian university… not that I overly enjoyed the required religious training, but everyone was far more tolerant of differing opinions than any state-funded liberal arts school.

    Find some trustworthy friends and keep your head down. The politics of our modern age are insane. It cannot last much longer.

  4. If there is something I can’t emphasize enough, it’s that guys think with their heads and woman think with their hearts. Like you I retreated into video games and books, I even shudder trying to write my true beliefs like I constantly gotta look over my shoulder. We here know who we are better then misguided feminist groups that has literally been stoked with flames of hate from ‘hired actors’ and ‘outside help’ that has caused todays society flipping itself on it’s head.
    It’s true our spirits have put us on a path we don’t understand, mine want me to become a novelist.

    It’s easy to stay with your spirits, knowing they’ll always love us and know us best, but the time of “hoping” it blows over will just lead to greater domino effects. I’ve grown kinda sick of it, be strong and be ironclad, resolute in yourself.

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