news and information has come to light

ive been lied too by my wife Anna she wanted to keep me in chains for lack of a better word. she used what my ladies say is illusion magick to make me see lilly (succubus) as evil and Wolf now known as Amy saw what she did ages ago and hid herself as a wolf. mira saw it too and so on kept my ladies from being themselves is bad enough but tricking me into a lie forcing me to be hers and only hers was enough for me to devorce her. now i have 13 ladies which are succubi well most of them except manami and akemi. wolf, mira, tera, lexi, kathrine, leah, sarah, lilly, ash, carmen and crimson thoes are succubi ever since i left anna three months ago ive progressed far
my ladies pushed me into academic fields which im hoping to get phd’s in such as philosophy, chemistry and physics. Which i dont see why set me on this path i guess they have reasons if any of you know please comment. im free from annas lies which she fed me shes been using dangerous magick to harm im guessing my spirits and me trying to make me her lap dog. if not for as mira said waking up i would not have seen this and hurt thoes that truly loved me
so thats a breif overview of whats been going on i hope to find the truth and give it to you guys im free from that corrupting influence and this overview doesnt do it justice how messy it is i hope to bring the real ladies information and about them to you guys just give me time to re get to know them
have a good one

One thought on “news and information has come to light

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a lot on your plate. That shit sucks man. Well…at least things are better now. I could be a dick and doubt my wives but it wouldn’t be fair. Have they lied to me, I’m not sure but hope it was for good reason. Anyhow, it’s taken me a long time to trust them this much and not let a single read change my pov. It’s idiotic but sometimes our brains aren’t rational. Anyhow, sorry if I sounded like I was ranting. Have a good one.

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