few new ladies & other things

ive got a few new ladies first was laura shes a panther of wolfs race shes a preistess to the panther gods second is leah a succubus mira found her outside my house battered and hurt abused for most of her life she forgot how to be a succubus thats how long she was abused i helped her and we fell in love the other is sarah friend of sheena succubusluvs girl succubi are more sexual than wolves wolves are more cuddly
my book on spirits is almost done with drawings of the spirits its very scientific with things like if physical what it would weight powers height affiliations lords etc so thats coming along ive been connecting with nature more which is something i find spiritually beautiful like the world is seen in new way
but mostly its been boring just alittle update on things hopefully ill post more but ive been trying to grow closer to my ladies learning things for me now and they even teach things that only future me would understand
have a good one

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