message to all SJW and feminazi and other groups

i got spat on few weeks ago while i was in dress uniform after one of my brothers died in front of me a brother you’ll never see on the news or any recognition and i just wanted to buy some beer after his funeral to crack a beer open in his memory with my brothers in arms and a femi nazi spat on me saying im a soldier of opression all i said was go to iraw and see real opression done by ISIS and their own government they wouldnt let me in and i got spat on again pushed shoved i punched a male protestor… wait not a real protestor he hates our country and our soldiers so he doesnt even have the right to protest in my book anyway punched him and walked in forcing my way through
so to all these types of people understand this i gave my rights so you can have yours i dont get a choice of when i go on deployment i dont get the right to not work i dont get the right even to sick days so before you do this stupid stunt to prove how hard you are hard hahaha know this in our eyes your weak you never needed to sacrifice you dont even know what that word means you burn our flag FUCK YOU you dont have to like the country but you need to respect what that flag means to thoes past present and future who gave up or will give up their lives for your rights while you sit on the internet reading radical posts complaining and bitching i will be getting shot at i will kill and most likely see men die for that flag vererans will suffer from injuries and ptsd for that flag we fight so you dont have to
simple saying ” people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only becuase rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” understand that we fight so you dont have to you think if ISIS ruled the world you’ll have rights… no you wont and thats why we fight ive had aboriginal people the same types saying fuck all white men and get out of our country shake my hand and thanked me for my service see even they know what we fight for
so if you spit on me so be it ill still fight for my country to protect the rights and freedoms of my people even you even tho i hate you becuase my nation is worth the work i put in while your on tumblr complaining about men or rascial issues or reading radcial articles or tweets remember im overseas fighting bleeding and maybe even die so you have the right to free speech and insted of bitching go out and make change insted of spitting on soldiers enlist and see what we see then you’ll see true HELL but that will never happen becuase your weak gutless cowards who would rather sit on their arses than work ill go through hell working hard insted and when you next spit on a soldier expect us to knock on your door becuase we are not cowards ill serve my country till that end the very end even if im killed
remember this if i die i died for my country for your rights and learn what my family will go through and show respect to me and my brothers since we are the lions keeping the wolves out of this country
ps ive been called as of tomrrow ill be SASR i did pass selection
have a good one