war and politics and military stuff

before people ask my discharge was denied so 5 years of this shit to go as my team leader says three ways you’ll get out one contract is up two your permintley disabled three your dead but even if you get out war will call on you for the rest of your days
well im home after a military commitment got scrubbed so i decided to post about what ive seen i had a question a few weeks ago by a friend “how can you fight in a war thats not ours” its a good question but a soldier does not concerm himself/herself with politics we get told to go somewhere we go no questions asked apart from what do we need to do most special forces ive come across including myself dont think about why we are there what events lead us to be there its more important we go over there and do the job and bring our mates home alive thats it
but we find reasons to go back like for me ive seen what isis has done first hand i saw them wipe out a small town very small town for helping our forces we were on a hilltop safe from them but we never got the greenlight to engage the enemy just watch and observe saw teen girls taken around 16 17 years old so thats why i go back not some political issue but for the people ive seen many horrible stuff done to innoccent people i also go back because if i see the news of one of my mates dead i will feel like i should have been there to do something or even take that bullet so to speak
ive met US special forces few seals and delta guys ive met marines which the reputation as cock arrogant wankers rings true lol but i would fight beside em but the disrespect from american soldiers towards us was man it took guys who served side by side with us to go hey these guys you dont fuck with them they are tough as nails unlike american soldiers who talk and talk and talk about war we are quiet and insted of talk we just do prove ourselves that way even british soldiers talk to much its only until we come back bloody after days of fighting and we got our job done do they shut up
ive been in conflict things i dont want to talk about to much but when someone says go get help when your homebound be it family friends or whoever becuase you come back quieter most of the time its to switch off it takes time but saying we need help 1 it hurts 2 no pyschologist unless they served in the military and seen a fight they wont understand at all
so anyway thats enough from me im hopefully gonna be home for awhile
have a good one

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