my spirits and just general facts about em

just things about my spirits people should know things ive found out about them and their personality
only talks to me constantly but makes it so others dont hear it she stays quiet only occasionally talking to anna or natalie or my other spirits
she doesnt get jokes mainly human ones
shes very serious being takes everything seriously like me getting hurt she sees as a stupid thing but making me feel better is her top priority you insult her even as a joke she will take it to heart one insult was by a member of annas family her cousin to be exact said her fur was ugly and wrong looking lets just say wolf went mental
shes a mother first above all anyone dare tries to mess with her kids well expect her to go off shes overprotective more than compared to other spirits
wolf hates thunderstorms to the point she shakes howls everything even can get violent only one thats like that
well she gets horny when lonely like off the charts
shes ancient wolf
shes abit crazy at times especally if it concerns me she never stays out of it so to speak
her commitment to me is well i see un deserved but is beyond the rest
the innoccent one
she has little to no confidence in herself or her abilities
shes the sweetest tho
if she was human tho she’d be a fitness nut shes always pushing me to push further i think better than a personal trainer i dont need to pay her to do it
shes also the learner type shes always reading expanding her knollege
definitley royal in attitude but not the cocky type more elegant classy
she is the smart one so to speak they all are smart but she reigns over that
shes in my eye is the romantic one
shes like wolf only talks to me but she never speaks to others maybe her kids
shes the funny one has a great sense of humor
shes more a mother figure she is how i use to picture what a mother is like
shes the first to wake up its her thing shes up and when i open my eyes shes there
im still learning
obbessed with cookies dunno why
shes the reasonalble one the one that dissolves situations
gets me to think before getting in a fight
manami’s sister
still learning
shes the soft one
very shy
shes got the shortest fuse when she goes off its like the church would class as a demonic haunted house shes vicous
thats some stuff i learnt
have a good one

3 thoughts on “my spirits and just general facts about em

  1. Could you tell me a lil about wolfs kind, I had some beings talking about werewolf’s to me telepathically last night and it had me pretty curious. Cheers.

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