Well My past 6 months

Now before I start ive dealt with Anna and also this will break any trust I understand I just wanted the truth out there for you to see lastly ive got permission from higher ups to post this which was not easy my past 6 months the past six months Anna has been posing as me using my phone my computer I understand why she was lonely bored scared depressed what I know as true is the library the paranormal items and some of the spirits and the investigations she went on the past six months what I have been doing was  Australian army basic training then commando special forces selection which I past and I am a commando now which is one step to my end goal as Australian sasr in basic I finished third in my class and in commando life I got to be trained and put on a real team instead of the reinforcement phase since maybe I was an asset or my team leader likes me

Natalie is the psychologist of our little group which is partly true I met her in-between basic and commando fitness test and selection we are dating since im on leave till the 3rd of January in the times im away anna will be using my blog since if it helped me with my issues it could help her even tho what she did was bad and hurt people please if she asks for help support her since when im away which even tho my team is based in Melbourne I could get deployed  help anna best you can when im away she will not pose as me if she does then I will deal with it natalie even tho her and anna are dating me she’s also dating me and will go through same stuff also what is true me and anna did get married

So that’s my six months believe it or not I just wanted the truth out there and those who will help anna I thank you she means a lot to me and will be that drive that makes me fight harder to go home to her

Have a good one

Well how to write this

This blog is not only for my spiritual stuff but to talk about stuff and express stuff I was with Anna she came out as I don’t know how to label it a lesbian ish she loves me only guy she ever thought was hot long before she knew she wanted to date then marry me she kept it hidden scared it would ruin our relationship and that she wanted to be with me but have a girlfriend too which I agreed to I accept her for her and she knew who her girlfriend would be an old lesbian friend Natalie who has same feelings Anna does for me some guys going oh your lucky man well it’s weird it’s still sinking in a lot to process at the moment I still don’t know how to write it ill just let it flow

Well Anna and Natalie are together Natalie fell in love with me abit ago she was a lesbian and it scared her a lot Anna didn’t want to ruin our marriage but had to come out which im proud of her but Anna wants to be young Natalie too means lots of sex and parties and stuff no dating others tho faithful that way Anna let me off my leash said I can fuck any girl I want again guys going you lucky cunt but it’s harder than people think so we went clubbing last night me Anna Natalie it was fun got with a few chicks took few to annas apartment in the city near her club I was let off the leash it was fun a lot of fun Natalie and I hooked up too that was awesome Anna took three chicks back to her apartment I got two plus Natalie Anna went wild Natalie brings that side in her out Anna was making out with chicks had sex with a few in the club ive never seen Anna this happy a friend pointed out maybe you and Natalie are two pieces of same puzzle  Natalie brings out her wild side I bring out her serious side which all people need

After sex I was chatting to Natalie at about 5am on the banks of the Yarra River while Anna slept and I think im falling for her does this make me a bad person Anna says only girls you should love you spirits and Natalie and I I’ll write another post about Natalie later ive known her for just as long as Anna I helped her few times when she got in trouble drunk guys in the city hot chick don’t mix I had feelings for her but anyway we were chatting and she said its new to me too let’s just take it step at a time I love Natalie man she’s fun spunky spontaneous wild yet loving caring honest not a snob which with rich people I like  Anna and her planned this for a while never cheated on me but talked about it today since we don’t have much furniture we moved into her place hired professional unpackers to do it while gone if ever moving worth the money but also its only three properties away from annas mum

But back to chatting she never had family her parents died when she was 7 1 from cancer other from suicide after the other died her aunt raised her I aunt ive met only wanted money treated Natalie like shit till Natalie inherited the fortune and her aunt is god know where  and natalie wants us as her family now truly so yeah that’s the night this post was hard at first but feel better with this off my chest I have many things to think about  oh one thing I do want to say annas dad was black annas caramel type her dads family puts her down shes smoking hot and to ken thanks for the help to help me get annas confidence up with the skin thing anyway

Have a good one