Tommy knockers

I was not going to talk about this tommy knockers not the movie or book the actual folklore ive experienced them the summer after I was homeless I worked as work experience as a miner I look back now I think it was illegal but I needed the job anyway I was underground mining for coal and I heard a phantom crashing sound considering I was at the end of one of the tunnels we ran back clear then behind us it collapsed lucky we got out now to give you a scope of the mine theirs tunnels above us and we are at the bottom tunnel

When we got out entirely we were talking about the phantom crash and an old miner said tommy knocker he said they are dead miners warning you that disaster was about to occur that was my first time I came across this spirit when we were allowed back in few days later it was on all our minds to be honest my shift ended then I was walking out racks start falling above small ones then we see miners running apparently a fire if people don’t know fire is deadly no dur but especially underground cuts off air supply  quicker than a house fire plus its toxic got out meh till they could figure out problems we moved to a different mine

We kept hearing tapping we were digging up we kept hearing tapping noise like an old pickaxe and then a huge slab of rock came down just as the old miner said leave that’s all I really experienced on that topic the mines were very old the old miner said they don’t cause them but warn you some say they do it but I think it’s the first one miner protecting their fellow miners

But that’s me

Have a good one

Manami speaks

I told you id do this more often get my ladies to speak since they are more interesting than me next is manami

“hey im manami im a kitsune or nine tailed fox I have all nine of my tails and im about 9,540 years old young for my race even younger for ones with nine tails im also a servant to my goddess inari or onari depending on what people pronounce it little about me I love cookies and human food power wise im on par with Mira tho im not a royal

My world is the closest to this physical world which means I can interact better than most spirits like the tails of a kitsune seducing a man marrying him then when he finds out she’s a kitsune she runs off never to be seen again younger ones use to do that we use to interact a lot more till the modern era due to cameras and other stuff  our world is so close people stumble through portals that appear at random your walking down a road then boom your gone yet all you see is the road it use to happen a lot but we can’t make these portals sadly

We do eat to give us energy but we don’t need it to survive so that’s why I steal food for those wondering or possess ben and eat it my history is an interesting and sad one it effects ben since he feels everything I do so ill glance over it abit we kitsune are hunted for our fur which it has been put in the human world as regular fox fur but to those who know it has magical properties but if you kill us before you skin us it does not work so this is the sad part as a child I saw my mother skinned alive by these hunters as we call em for her fur I was young so a lot I don’t remember I just remember hiding seeing everything then these male foxes strong and powerful getting into the house and pulling me out and grabbing my sister who was coming back from training we were taken to see the goddess herself yes it’s a goddess humans stuffed that up too and unlike the others took us both in why I may never know

Then I grew older and went out on my own arrived in japan went to china Korea to explore funny story I came across a ruler in japan a warlord you wold cool it he went to sleep woke up all the furniture he had was moved around the place and convinced a kitsune did it he build a shrine to appease me so I lived there for a while exploring I did trick men and women to sleep with me mainly foreigners they found me exotic hahaha but I was young we kitsune don’t leave our home realm for a very long time by the time I left I had 4 tails we gain tails through age, power and experiences like exploring

Fast forward abit after WW2 my shrine was destroyed by Americans even if the people said no I made them pay little but then went enough here went to Europe meet other beings like leprechauns yes they exist by are perverted little guys never fall asleep near one I found cum on my tails they will never rape but they are perverted and peak on you stuff like that  I met many other races that you call myths and even higher races like djinn then went to Australia I was walking around the maternity ward just looking at the new borns and I sensed something which turned out to be Ben I kept him safe as best I could then I fell in love with him saw his ups and downs his successes was mine and failures too

Im abit weird in person but nice but when ben got attacked by a dark entity I kick ass now im happy I have a home a family all that my nine tails so unlike mira I don’t ramble but ill talk more ben needs some rest hes got school bye bye “

Yeah that’s manami I love her to bits and is abit of a spunk anyway

From all of us here have a good one