IM getting sued WOW WTF

Ok officially My family is FUCKING ME it’s all over what I said on this blog my aunt is suing me for defamation or some shit over stuff I said about my mother who’s now dead I thought once they are dead they can’t do shit like that but I guess I was wrong or it will be an easy victory in court my aunt asked for 5.2 million dollars in damages like WTF

Why is my family well… ex family a bunch of dicks anyway I spoke with some high priced lawyers who are saying easy case to win Anna even tho almost a lawyer is super worried granted Anna and her mum and step dad have the money but I don’t

This is really fucked if it’s a no lose case for me what lawyer would take such a stupid case why cant my family leave me alone I see why my new family has money so target me to get money off them but wtf I get this for freedom of speech well yeah that’s my day

My ladies are trying to keep me calm and comfort me be there for me I rang one of the few family that likes me he said my aunt said the spirit of my mum spoke to her told her to do it but yeah

My ladies have been great in every way they really know how to comfort someone caring and persistent even tho im angry as hell they don’t care what it takes they will look after me but yeah I had a good day till this

11 thoughts on “IM getting sued WOW WTF

  1. You have not mentioned anyone by name. You may have used first names, but not last names. No one would know exactly who you were writing about.

    It sounds like your aunt is flirting with disaster.

      • big statement coming from u bro very big but at end of the day the fucks i give about your opinion is 0 but i do find it funny coming from you this made my day

      • Well I thought you would have your own community in kik and forgot in WordPress so that’s my opinion about you and everyone have a different opinion.

      • Kuro, why would you even say that? Even if you dislike someone, why would you make a statement such as that, especially on a public blog such as this, where quite a number of followers here would disagree with you. In addition, your second argument doesn’t make much sense either. Why would him being involved in another community make him forget about this blog? It doesn’t make much sense considering his has still been active for quite some time.

      • mate we kicked you from our group for starting drama also insulting my wives being apart of a group that said mira attacked you even tho i knew she was cuddled up to me and our group does not talk about spirits 24/7 that makes us childish it makes us human talking about our lives now ppl in the group 2 respected guys KEN we all know ken little crazy ryan succubusstudy one of the most honest guys you’ll meet two respected guys you just insulted

      • he made group with childish people you said that you fuckwit ken ryan in that group you insulted them tyler also so get fucked you bottom feeder trying to stir up drama people like you should stop following my blog

      • Well Kuro, I wouldn’t know, as I have never spent time on kik. However to make such assertions with little to no evidence of your position, and continuing with simple ad hominems does not help to support your argument. In fact, it weakens your argument because the very act of accusing skaard of seeking attention, when he is simply posting on his own blog, seems a bit “childish” too, does it not? It would be one thing if he is going blog to blog and vying for attention, but because he is simply posting on his blog, it seems to me that skaard is completely innocent of “attention seeking” in this situation. Please, Kuro, properly formulate arguements that will support your position. In addition, please cease the use of personal attacks, they only harm your own side.

      • Right I have no proof for it sorry for that but his group usually discuss about random topic I don’t mind it even I’ve been kicked out by it, have a nice day.

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