A small break down

I got news a little bit ago that my “mother” was not my mother my dad cheated on my mother during a break from the marriage and knocked up this chick anyway that mother didn’t want me so I joined the family I grew up with I thought I was ok with it honestly

Till last night I had a dream where I got rejected by that mother and one I grew up with and I woke up crying which is still new to me I don’t cry and I kept saying no one wants me I just kept saying it I understand I was still half asleep but straight away my ladies all of them started hugging me saying that’s not true we want you

Again and again my ladies surprise me with level of comfort humans can’t bring even Anna thanks to them is on par but still even still surprises me I love them

Have a good one

2 thoughts on “A small break down

  1. Man I gotta say you’ve been through a lot of shit, a normal human being would just not be the same after they’ve been threw the shit you have been threw. I’m sorry to hear you don’t know who you’re mother is. That’s a real mind fuck, I could say I would break me down to a certain degree to which I wouldn’t be the same. Best of luck man Hope you get better, you made it bro you are one of the most interesting individuals I have ever heard or read about hope that helps.

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