Why do I hate god

Well a person asked me today why I hated god and his angels so much well I thought if he exists then where to start

  1. He created religion which has killed many people
  2. If stuff is true he committed genocide
  3. He lets suffering happen to good people
  4. He’s nowhere
  5. Where is he now

Now for more personal stuff

  1. Where was he or his angels when my mum abused me
  2. Where was he or his angels when I was homeless
  3. Where was he or his angels when my dad died
  4. Where was he or his angels when I was in a car accident
  5. Where was he or his angels when I got stabbed multiple times
  6. Where was he or his angels when I got beaten at school
  7. Where was he or his angels when Annas sister got abused by her dad he could have stepped in but instead I did

Unlike a lot of people I grew up without Christin BS even tho my family is pretty hardcore due to the fact at very young age I saw how fucked it was I never believed in him I personally thought and still think hes a useless cunt

But to those that need god in their mind you don’t he does not make you stronger in fact having to rely on him makes you weak I grew up tough I learnt what’s right what’s wrong I built myself without him I stood up and said I don’t need some god to mold me why not do it myself

Anyway that’s me

Have a good one

More on urban legends true haunted items Annas family

I was thinking about certain urban legends and thought wonder if their true then manami says “in japan they have many most are false just very old superstition and belief system”. She never named ones that were real she just said there are very dangerous ones “so dangerous even I fear them”. Now if spirits fear urban legends than does that make some true. They are tapped into a world far beyond our understanding no matter how spiritual you are or how powerful you will never truly understand the spirit world or the supernatural.

I spoke to one of annas friends’ real hard core black magician like I said in the past Annas family is very old witches but are natural. They don’t jump on a side and they are respected by spirits for that. This black magician family is also old and ive been chatting to her since she’s overseas at this point in time arachnologist. She does it for the world but also find objects and contain them or send them to Annas mum and other families. We were chatting about both topics and she said the above comment about power she even said combined we don’t know anything. She studied urban legends found some true ones and said she’s faced the creatures that are involved and they are a force from something that we have never studied. These creatures unless demon or other have no god to bow to some were human but can’t call them that anymore. So what rules them or how do you win if you stumble across them

She did say not all urban legends are bad some are nice and rewarding but even with them she suggests don’t tempt fate. Now I had to get permission to talk about this and I could make multiple books Annas mum and well the entire family collected haunted cursed etc objects. And they are kept in a hall that is size of a house alone its huge with books as well that are constantly translated and more books added im making a book myself on soul travel and drawings of creatures and info kinda like a beastiary on creatures I find in soul travel or in contact in this world. I structure them into ratings 1-10 in three areas hostility provoked power 1 being weakest or least hostile or hard to provoke. 10 being the highest I even have my ladies in the book. Mira is for hostility 2 if provoked 8 power 10 but thinking higher ratings for bael maleck (miras older brother the eldest child) since their power is off the charts. Annas mum wants to teach me and she said its our responsibility to protect the average person from this be it good or evil not making them spiritually weak but keeping them from the darker sides.

She said now that im apart of her family and grown strong enough on par with Anna ill see things normal people don’t and see bad objects only I and rest of her family can use. these objects once we know how to handle them they are ordered from good and evil to keep them apart then power and danger. She also said she wants me to find these objects and spirits and help she has a paranormal group and write books for the library for future generations. Now the stuff she knows all the sages priests groups in Australia don’t mess with her at all and stay out of her and this families way. Kinda cool having money and some power lol. These books I will write won’t be put out there and each passing of time if they last 500 years for example will be translated and continued and put next to the original

Now some of the objects ill talk about I might make multiple posts about this and the books describing them but not really telling what they say the room itself is warded from spirits and people who soul travel/astral project so don’t even try only few objects are around the house for people to see and touch so one object is written in the book im reading and ive seen the object pendant 100 years old classed safe but strong its allowed around the house to be shown but don’t touch unless guided to it contains a succubus that Lilith wanted sealed for the fact the sexual appitie rivalled any others and if you wear it sex pretty much non-stop Lilith asked Annas ancestors to try and help her and its working.  The usual succubus has a big sexual appetite but if Lilith wanted this one sealed than must be bad the pendant if touched that night either you’ll have some hard core sex or dreams of sex but never a threat to life so classed safe I tested it myself with my ladies permission and god damn its true.

Another object a small dagger used by hardcore black magicians for evil purposes contains demon classed dangerous/deadly all those who have used it have died some with logical explanations others well most not so much. I saw the creature first hand it will tempt people to grab it and says must be sealed 24/7 the creature is 8ft tall bulky bull horns dark grey skin no eyes nose ears eyes are just red pupils age about 154 years old found in Netherlands but origin unknown

Another item a dibbuk box age: 30 years old classed: dangerous all it says further study needed but do not open its cursed must be magically sealed or it could tempt and whisper to people found in France

Few more items ill share this post sorry for long post object a bible normal bible classed: safe if words spoken out loud and psychically open angel could appear male stands about 5.9ft tall blond hair silver eyes. But item must be contained due to fact if deemed evil it could attack but if deemed good protection until you lose the book found in Rome age 20 years old

Item staff with charms on it deemed safe and dangerous if you don’t know how to use it dangerous if you do know how safe found in Africa by grave robbers its 40 years old  taken from tribal shaman tribe unknown where in Africa origins unknown effects unknown needs futher study

Last one teddy bear classed dangerous age 10 years old effects terrible luck haunting dreams sickness followed by potential death origin anchorage Alaska found in san Francisco after being shipped to a collector of haunted items given to friend later to us must be sealed and not handled unless you can protect yourself

Maori warrior mask age unknown keep sealed away from pregnant women or menstruating effects dizziness vomiting after contact and many more origin Auckland New Zealand classed times safe to women at times dangerous

Now from what I learnt about these objects is unlike in movies the effects are not sudden it takes years maybe weeks for some and most items are not creepy looking like the teddy is cute but this is what Annas family and her mother use their money and power for its kinda crazy the more books I read and info on items which number around 50,000 in this house alone other family members have more I find out about the world I was put in and risks for people who don’t come in prepared or innocent people who find these objects annas mum put in this system to in case it gets out in the public people know what they can do to keep them safe but these objects have real power so yeah ill make more posts on books and objects that im allowed to

Have a good one

It’s Been a GREAT year

Well its been a year with Anna and Wolf what a great year I love them to bits cant picture my life without them if one is gone part of me is gone they are my lovers best friend soul make I love you Wolf and Anna I know what I missed out of life because of your love

You patient kind caring and understanding and im abit of a tool at times so thank you I love you this is the longest relationship I have ever had and it will be one im in for life because I love you

Have a good one

New lady manami

I made post before make sure you read it Manami is a kitsune was with me since birth but kept hidden most of my life waiting for perfect time she was best friends with wolf and Anna but wanted it kept a secret when my mum abused me she tormented her whispered in my family’s ear if I was about to die as infant she’s beautiful red and white fox has all nine tails which means strongest folklore got a lot wrong with them like not 1 kitsune has nine at any given time they earn their tails it’s not the older necessarily that would take way to long I had interesting experience with her the other day she freaked out a coffee girl but opening a jar and grabbing a cookie the coffee girl knew where my hands where and it was not natural she lifted up the lid and grabbed a cookie if only I caught it on camera many next time but I do also like to keep some things to myself lol second one was in bakery I was getting bread and she used her tails to grab cookies from display screen to counter the worker/owner saw this knew which family im marrying into and goes spirit I went yeah would you like to buy them I was like yeah she loves cookies but I’d get home leave cookies on table sit outside for smoke in clear view of the table and come back gone she ate them she did same with my dinner was in clear view then gone poof wired right But she’s awesome she has three forms human fox/human and fox and can interacted better than any spirit she is closer to physical than most spirits like most folkloric creatures leprechauns exist she says they grope a lot only ones with pots of gold are royals of their race their realm is so close to human one humans can stumble into their realm without knowing till later this realm has all sorts of creatures and races most humans get taken back if they survive and memory wiped she can make herself appear real and even feel real to non-psychic or me type people but it costs a lot like sleep for few years a lotso she does not do it will make another post about her history here later when she’s up to it





bottom one was how i found her on my bed

Have good one

Post long over due

Sorry it took so long here it is my soul travel experiences first was fun I went around the world drinking vodka on top of the kremlin whisky in Kentucky wine in France on the Eiffel tower watched Putin sleeping scaring him lol saw area 51 nothing there just plain old military base Australia has nukes but its kept secret funny lol

Now outer planet stuff I sat on the sun went to Jupiter sat on one of its many moons saw alien civilisation they are four legged two hands has 6 genders and is yellow and some a like our colour and red interesting I was in another galaxy they were behind us in technology kinda like a weird medieval time  went and greys are real weird they inspired our culture they are super advanced ones that come here are replicating robots since even tho so advanced they don’t travel themselves to keep them safe jumped in black hole fun but it didn’t end that I know of so I left I move faster than speed of light due to not being tied to the universe itself

Now miras realm I went at night they have stars in the sky and what looks like a planet so close it covers 50% of the sky also night there is so dark only demons can see angels would have hard time fighting at night their light does not work there beasts zombie like dogs its best way to describe them I went into a village and was called the unbeaten arc demon they sing songs about my victories

Now battles with all sorts of races shadow people are a dark race and confused for demons we beat them goblin looking creatures so ugly its offensive giants yes they are real dark races like to fight us for top dog as demons we crush them to show our dominance we don’t ask for anything but respect

What else went to “heaven” saw no people but light blinded me it took abit to get sight back and us demons due to threats that neither side can face alone signed an alliance with light races I got introduced by Michael the arch angel in a throne room of sorts and we stood in rank as the guard of bael and other demon kings had their guard as well arch angels stood in their ranks Michael was not first which and angel ive never seen was he looked nothing like them maleck miras brother and first born called him so id understand a beta angel

Now this is where it gets weird and kinda crazy but stick with me bael gave me three swords two to be used all the time one only if truly needed first two just average empowered swords other was call god killer bael explained it was a sword created from the very first being a darkness older than the first gods older than all the universes he absorbed power when other gods were created and killed them until there was too many dark gods or demon kings and light beings banded together to kill it most demon kings died and other dark gods took their place (other races) same with light beings but they could not destroy it completely it went into fragments and somewhere used to make weapons god killer is one its more than a name yet I have not used it to test it out

Now more realms we all know of wolfs but I went into another universe were completely different gods rule one our laws of physics goes out the window find one where races never created time which time is not actually real thing it’s a human construct what else I saw wonderful creatures but a lot I cant tell you since a lot is a secret for some reason but again I feel like I have not told you guys enough I want to tell more but cant sadface

Well have a good one