I’ll make one about my experiences over the past few weeks and soul travel but I thought id get something off my chest Illuminati plural word for “enlightened” the group started may 1 1776 it was to oppose superstition, religious influence of lives of the public and abuses of power by the state and church they were a group of free thinkers and progressives they helped build modern philosophy and even created basic feminism not Femi-Nazis and was disbanded in 1784 there was rumours of the church and state infiltrating the organisation and destroying it from within now we all know why free thinker progressives challenging the government and church far cry from what we think of them today

We see them as new world order rich people granted the wealthy were members controlling government etc. but the original illuminati is not that they didn’t want control they wanted enlightenment so to speak now we see them “controlling the world” but what if the actual “new world order” if it truly exists and is not just humans being humans if I was them I would take a group that historically opposed your ideology and say oh its them blame them to stop another illuminati from rising to power or to ruin the reputation of a group

Im not into this whole new world order stuff humans have been like this since the start now does government control TV yes that’s fact does groups control the government yes and no a government can just go fuck off let’s say France UK USA Australia said that well they would have no one to an extent now I know im could get a lot of flak for this but these are my views and if people are like wake up you sheep you well you’re not worth listening to and is to be honest a sheep what if this anti new world order trend was set up by new world order you’d be fucked so anyway these are my view

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Miras realm my trip there

Well I was going to make post about it what I saw was cool but abit stereotypical all I saw was her palace it was huge biggest place ive ever seen the ground floor hall was three stories high alone then it was dark but paintings and stuff all over we entered miras room it was huge bigger than this house it was huge biggest bed I could see with red sheets and pillows and a skull and bone chair with red seat cover then miras bathroom candles lit the that room all over bath water was covered with rose petals and a sweet smell in the air I had a bath with Mira

I walked out opened a window looked out I saw a beast huge red eyes bigger than me claws fangs then I closed it and Mira way laying in the bed beckoning me to go over so I did then we walked after some sexy time the garden I saw flowers and trees ive never seen ever or miras bleeding tree it drips red substance not blood so it’s the bleeding tree and all sorts of creatures small weird demonic creatures with fangs and constant smile creepy Mira said they know your mine don’t worry they won’t harm you then picked up it looked like a fur ball it loves strawberries lol random it had solid black eyes and fangs and very big claws  yet Mira was patting it calling it cute then let it go her realm is not fire torment or anything but I would not put it at top ten holiday destinations

Yet her palace maids everywhere miras personal home maids be naked all the time then guards in full amour with two swords and one big one she said this is my home too our whole family will live here we then walked into a she calls it the tea room still the same black and red but its true luxury she said next trip she will show me around her realm so yeah that’s all at the moment sorry if its disappointing

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Found out what Mira is it’s kinda crazy

Now I was not going to make this post until I knew more but it’s important its amazing scary and yet I love her so much she is a direst daughter to bael the demon prince or king Mira says king she is his third child and is very old she hid it from me she was scared id get rid of her truly scared granted I had my doubts I thought maybe her love was a trick till someone set me straight thanks ken and I realised she loved me deeper than anything else so we spent day talking bonding and cuddling

Also I don’t know if I wrote about this I can feel them physically and can interact with them like Anna and Anna calls it half in half out yet to the world it looks like im normal let’s say I put my hand out to touch Mira it stops halfway of extension people well just see it go fully or not at all weird I tested this with Annas stepdad

So anyway back to Mira miras boobs fucking awesome ok back to topic miras mark like a tattoo tells others that im apart of her family and do not touch me explains how priest could have seen it it tells demons de not touch type thing now her father said to her embrace who you are make him worthy aka me as soon as Mira embraced who she is her power all of a sudden was like boom  I tested this Ryan we all know Ryan lol felt darkness dred etc Julian some guy felt same yet I felt love and protection ken said it was almost angelic her power is engulfing to me yet not bad like a protective bubble over me weird I know

But yeah kinda crazy right but hey I love Mira fuck all those that call her evil and I thought about it over a year ago I was complaining of dark entities then Anna and Wolf came into my life etc kinda crazy in a year Mira said she will take me to her realm tonight soul travel is fun but yeah thought I’d post about it im progressing further and further every day and me things get revealed tell me what you guys think and be honest

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