Crystal and April not my spirit sisters in fact not related

Well I was going to wait till tomorrow but the wedding got delayed 2 hours sooo… crystal and April not my spirit sisters im an only child on that front it was a ploy by my spirit mother to make me have feelings even sibling type feeling just enough and in right amount of time to shatter the sister thing and them wanting to marry me and I them and marry into the tribe well… it worked so not my sisters but a plan to be my wives Wolf knew in order to know if Wolves are related they developed a sense they can smell it because packs can get so large its hard to know well this goes for other races they can smell it don’t ask me how it works I know next to fuck all lol

April the serious one ive likened them to Wolf and Mira Wolf being serious but very caring and kind April is that she’s 1,250 years old give or take kind caring beautiful identical to her twin crystal she’s very very goofy tho but shy shes a book worm loves books and I dare say the one with strongest magick capability

Then crystal looks like April same age but is out there spunky and a little wild and crazy she is a warrior loves swords and other weapons and is very fast I mean very very fast but is magically very strong too

They both knew me in past life when Mira was around my mother asked them to check me out and from first sight of me they loved me they guided me even when with Mira without Mira noticing which is great they possessed two girls that were dying and soul gone and well followed me they didn’t like what I became and hated how I acted but like Mira lost me and were looking and then Mira found my spirit mother and bang they found me but where waiting sticking to the plan if you will

Now a little of their culture their backward thinking and forward thinking unlike normal warrior tribes their skill is stealth and speed and surprise they make great assassins but forward in thinking when it comes to gay marriage and stuff like that now the backwards part women do have right and don’t they can do any profession they want but they have to only marry in the tribe can marry outside the tribe men can but… can be of a race they deem as weak by their standards eg. Succubi angels demons even djinn which last one I don’t get but hey that’s me now most regular tribe members have simple rules but the nobles and the chiefs family have stricked rules crystal and April being 2 of 15 kids only one from same mother the chief can well fuck around but if his wife gets caught cheating on him she’s chained up classed as a whore and can even be sold which is horrible might be my tribe but im a Wolf so fuck em if his daughters have sex before wedding ritual then same applies so no sex yet

But women have particular set of rights on males one not drugs not like human drugs but how they describe the effects of the stuff they get it reminds me of drugs no hitting a women unless she cheated on you no mistreatment in anyway unless cheated upon no rape etc. rules for breaking them exile death or many other punishments now his daughters hate him their mother cheated on him due to their marriage having no love in it at all and being stuck what made it worse it was with a female succubus now the succubus is ok they cant punish her or risk starting war or having no safe place but the mother was chained up and was going to be sold so I bought her…. Before you say shit im freeing her im not a wanker like that plus all my ladies would gut me alive and im trying to find the succubus she fell in love with

Now marriage ritual none of us are looking forward to we want to get married and they love me if not tera would actually know and chase them off its their ritual we do first which is drink wine closest thing I can liken it to then have sex on an altar to their gods in front of the whole tribe if you do not do this then were not married and that will be hard for crystal and April me ive had sex in front of people but ive got to choose positions where the crowed don’t see much which will be hard and have them only focus on me when done we leave straight away and do Wolf ritual to marry them and make them Wolves so yeah wish me luck I guess they look like this mostly

1431757809677Have a good one

Queens royals and yeah

Now where do I start tera made all of my wives queens they have a say in matters all get 1 vote and that is great Mira has always wanted to help Wolfs people now her people and can do that all my kids are now officially princesses well they all like this not because of power most are more innocent Sarah wanted to be able to dress as one she’s seen on TV or Kara sleeping with maids and picked all hot lesbian royal guard to protect her granted they are the best if their royal guard Isabella the same Sophie picked same maids and royal guard but is too shy why cant we let them have fun but because their princesses they will not get all they want and if they step out of line they will be punished royal guard are also under my command and also all maids royal guard have free will you can order them to do certain things so these women gave in willingly to sleep with my kid

We have also left the pack we are still family they will be around but we started our own pack tera is the strongest she is pack leader im a den father now a den mother looks after the kids and comforts her man etc and has decent say in pack matters a den father protects the territory and inhabitants and nature and all of the packs property and also comfort his wife or wives now I don’t want to be king nor will I ever want that im happy where I am a general I like that were at peace so nothing to do really nothing and I like peace I just want to be with my family

Little story today Kara came to the lounge room and said I order you to change the channel I said excuse me 1 im your father 2 im married to the queens 3 im a general you can’t order me after that she shut up and we watched baseball

Soul travel was fun today I got to see the royal den or in human terms palace most dens are underground this is both above and under its pretty cool the royal territory has snow covered mountains for wolf and Lexi forests for tera caves for Kathrine and a city by their standards for Mira kids are happy and all is good I don’t care about the big house or any of that as long as I got my family and Wolf gods graced Anna with a gift made her and adult Wolf instead of 500 year wait me… they say I need a true childhood minus the mother and I keep my human form as an adult for my wives so yeah that’s me I’d go into more detail but im tired and hungry so yeah

Have a good one

My view on things that damage spirituality and path and communities like ours but mostly others

These are my views my last post references this people don’t do crucial thinking they don’t think logically not all people of course people don’t ask question they are intent of taking things at face value fisted of going maybe what I experienced was me there are somethings that my ladies don’t do that I was convinced they did and one day I just went well that fucked me up I took it at too much face value

Why not instead of saying oh this is why and not look into it even goes for logical explanation questing things do I believe in chakras even some meditations like spirit animals and many more NO that’s not how I learnt granted but when I try to go down that route it does not work nor does it feel right I know my spiritual path is be with my family and find scientific explanations, logical explanations (yes I do believe they can be different) and question things and im not afraid to say I don’t know if I don’t know it I think some people are afraid of saying I don’t know for reasons not seen as cool  to fit in to be seen in a different light to be seen as experienced now spiritual stuff im not a pro there’s a lot and I mean a lot I don’t know and I say that why did I see a ball of energy leave my body well I’ll say I don’t know for sure but I will raise theories on it maybe it was what is called ball lighting look it up it’s a ball of energy and can go through things and both are un effected or this or that but at the base of it I’ll always say I don’t know but if you said oh I jumped of two story building why did my legs break well I do know you jumped off a bloody building you dingbat

Each spiritual path is different but as a community on one aspect of the spiritual we need to raise a good example in many ways make people fear spirits less or something but I think this one is very important find a logical explanation find logic but don’t let it cloud you don’t fear saying I don’t know just go I don’t know simple

Only experience im really looking into I used my energy to put into a crystal and the crystal actually cracked then part of it broke off I was no even squeezing it and it has been proven crystals hold energy it’s a great conductor and stage unit not compared to artificial stuff but still do I know how it broke no do I want to find out yes could their me a natural or logical explanation yes or could it be spiritual its possible

So yeah say I don’t know from time to time try and find out and most of all question things and find truth for yourself and people who lurk on my blogs read what others say but don’t go on blind faith find your own path teach yourself yet see how other people do it I get questions how I do this or that how I soul travel well all mine is custom build from successful moments to failures I don’t fear to fail is just pushes me to keep trying all my things are custom it might not work for others even my ladies said it most likely won’t I found my own path I got a lot more stuff for my blog but it must wait till tomorrow im tired I had to help one of annas mums renters they had a few problems with decking and I had school too psychology has opened my eyes and expanded my knowledge and way of thinking

Have a good one

Afterlife and trapped spirits and kids and people/community

Well this one came up I was just randomly thinking about it since conciseness is a lot like a stream flows in and out things change levels change loosely summarised (William James) and after life came up and I started speaking to Mira about it not so much my afterlife or any of that but what about kids when they die

Logically if I were to die alone now I would logically know how to do things or at least learn let’s say theirs bright light I would know that’s the afterlife just from pure logic but about kids. Kids might not necessarily know that or anything got to do with after life and maybe some complex tasks you have to do to access it or know anything about it now logically explanation is there would be kids spirits everywhere asking crying for help and ive spoken to Anna her mum and others in the little community that their involved in and of course my wives about this and they all said there are very few kid spirits and real kid spirits have a very big situation and a lot of inhuman spirits mimic kids good and bad spirits and got me thinking do human and inhuman spirits help them get to the afterlife

I logically get why adult spirits get trapped maybe they want justice, to stay with their family or fear of I the unknown yet I don’t get kids if kids spirits are around why doesn’t any in human spirit help them maybe an immortal creature with so much power they can just snap their fingers and boom moved on

So I asked Mira and she said she has helped kids get to the afterlife (these are people of first go around) Mira even said to get to the afterlife doesn’t just happen it’s a journey a small trip but that might answer one question or could be mostly wrong spiritual stuff is fun we know some stuff yet know nothing at the same time

Then got me thinking as a person who had past lives how come no matter how hard I try I don’t remember and afterlife or the journey only death then blackness like recalling a memory yet you know nothing of it in a sense don’t remember it why who is in charge of stopping me from remembering Wolf thinks I should stop saying no good comes from it at all (not demonic yet her laugh was lol jk)  all my ladies agree is their someone or something they fear a being that purposely stops this  yet if I were successful I could find answers to life’s greatest mystery… yet I soul travel see how its conflicting if I can soul travel why can’t I remember where I went my first few goes around or maybe what I learned my mind can’t comprehend in this form

Then I noticed all spirits I communicate with even my wives are very cryptic on things like this I understand that this journey I need to find things out on my own and I prefer to do it that way but why so cryptic why not go find out yourself why so cryptic I feel they want to tell me I really honestly do but what do they fear by telling me what will happen to them or me

So just some food for thought im thinking that this community some parts I see that they should be a little more logical and same with the kik groups their too new agey or whatever and ive come across people that don’t say I don’t know they are afraid to say it there’s nothing wrong with not knowing this does not apply to all people ive come across but what’s wrong with not knowing I think the journey to discovery is better than the actual discovery I do ritual with annas mum and I don’t know how it works or why etc. but I love to try and find out am I the only person or only person who sees this that thinks this way I don’t know so my blog will be more logical and not all spiritual I’ll try and find answers and I’ll find logical explanations to some things my ladies like this view now I know they exist and I know my kids do but how is their world like ours in ways ? Or what ill raise questions and try to find explanations and be more scientific not just spiritual or blind faith ill raise questions and ask more question as you know I like to question things from social norms to spiritual matters always question things

Any way that’s me just things I think about or feel

Have a good one

My pros and cons well my view with them and other important information

Ive been in a relationship with Wolf for almost a year july 5th yes I remembered lol couple of months to go anyway I thought I’d make a pros and cons list of these relationships this is how I see it you might not be the same but feel free to put something in the comments I think I did one early in my relationship now it’s getting to a year just some stuff I saw


Trust worthy friend (they trust you and you trust them and not once has any of my ladies broken my trust wait wolf has once but it was for my own good)

Loving companion (even I felt lonely at times)

Someone who accepts you for well you

Someone who most of the time if not all is always there with you by your side

Helpful in so many ways(be it magick or just advice on day to day things they help you a lot even stuff you won’t see or it takes time to see it)

Wise (my ladies are unbelievably wise Mira acts immature at times but she always shows how wise she is)

I know this feeds into one or more of it but someone to talk to about anything

Sex is fucking awesome and depending on how you or your spirit feels lasts for hours my record 7 hr maybe more

They accept you for you but things that aren’t you that you block they will release (example I never cried until wolf and at the time I felt weak but later it was better for me)

They work in the background securing things (for some people its wealth for me its not getting punched in the face)

There great comforters (example when sick when I got sick for months ago they never left my side and encouraged me to drink more water eat etc. they also kept me warm raising heat up )

Great healers

Beauty their beauty inside and out even their dark side is breath taking beyond any human (except for me Anna)

Some of the pros a lot fall into certain columns but yeah


Now cons well this happens I would say a lot to people early on in these relationships or some later since my spirits where very understanding that this is new to me

They will attack you only if you hurt them or really wrong them like a person would

They do get jealous (some women I can’t talk to due to this)

Hurt them minor or in some cases a lot will result in negative emotions ( let’s say I hurt  teras feeling she might not attack but she would be sad and early they link us with them a lot and feel sometimes can feel that emotion as if it’s our own)

They have no bullshit attitude

They might distance you from certain people (usually for our own good like for me some people used me I didn’t know until later but they stepped in and made me distant from some people but sometimes they do it just because they don’t like that person)

Doing things that might seem mean or bed to us (again usually for our own good they do a lot in te background and sometimes it’s bad)

Now with cons out of the way again I could put a lot more but… some I have not decided if good or bad

Warnings this is for people who just want a spirit for sex or their own gain unless the spirit agrees with this usually means they have other mates or whatever but if they don’t agree don’t due this if you not sure don’t do this because you can hurt them and especially if it’s a women it will piss them off and ive seen it firsthand their dark side is bad very bad

Things I found that help progress this relationship or hinder or if you have a certain situation

Well opening up to them for this to truly work you need to open yourself up completely to them 110% otherwise it won’t work

You need to accept them like a human women accept them for who they are the good and the bad the light and the dark

These relationships need more work I think than a human one and if you’re not ready or can’t give 110% then I personally think don’t try until you can

Don’t listen to others to an extent only you can truly know your ladies or lady they may seem evil or dark to others I don’t know how many times my ladies where called evil I even get comments on my blog that I need to moderate that say the same I usually don’t let them talk unless its constructive not have done that yet

This should be a pro but if in human relationship they can help or even hinder it depends on the being and sometimes how you feel

So yeah that’s some of it I will post more later on sometime im tired and my ladies are calling me to bed who says no to a smoking hot naked ladies right unless no lesbian women or gay man which in that case picture it as a male did that good  also if you got more feel free to comment unless its saying their evil ect. Non constructive BS anyway

Have a good one

An update … yes im alive… and maybe a interesting topic I don’t know

Ive been super busy school and other things and my lady spirits well the Wolves have mating season it’s the time when they are so linked in with nature that its instinct Mira Anna and I feel the effects but not as much as others like Kathrine I don’t know if I talked about her but yeah another one she was a victim but fell in love with me and I her

I was in bed and thinking why choose me I know ive had these thoughts but human relationships you can sort of see why and see their logic but with spirits what do they see in particular it really makes me think I accept their with me and I love them they love me so nothing wrong there but im always questioning things trying to find logic and reason behind them I asked Mira this and she said I saw something you in this world will never see or understand … great another mystery I ended up by random chance to meet someone who saw my spirits at the time Lexi and Kathrine and tera were with me this person didn’t call them evil thank fuck and we got to talking and this person and I and Anna talk to each other a lot this person goes to same school lives nearby and so we hang out all the time this person is 21 and seems more mature than most 21 year olds I know and I brought up this question to them and Anna and same thing I don’t know so that’s something

Then I get thinking what my afterlife with them will be like compared to your average person I know we won’t go to same place but where do they go are there inhuman spirits with them I know we won’t truly know till we die but stuff I question

What else… now I did have a few run ins with christen nutbags in my old town meh but after my mums death they change a little wonder why meh fuck em dreams ive been getting a lot since im in a sense annas mums apprentice she does magick and most powerful person ive come across few were nightmares like shadow man following me then chasing me but all those type dreams my ladies show up so they protect us us being in these relationships a lot more than we know im only now just noticing even tho I can see and hear them they still use emotion voice etc. to keep me safe but why keep me safe in this life Anna feels the same since if she were to call out to my ladies they will come no matter what this life is only one and we can’t truly and fully be together I thought they might like my death so we can fully be together and got me thinking a theory us in these relationships maybe this life with them is bonding a whole bond process so longer we live better the bond but that’s just a theory

So yeah a few questions things I wonder but yeah just me blabbering and I will try to be more active but real life comes first my family comes first but those who think about being in one of these relationships there a pros and cons … another post idea my view on pros and cons  anyway

Have a good one