So little update???? Ok maybe big who knows?

Ill only post on weekends about since my life is hectic so let’s start we found the bad guys and Wolves that were not free are being general I soul travelled there was a lot of mis trust with me walking into the medical areas but a few that were born free knew my markings saying he saved us and it went well Wolf and Mira found me another mate Kathrine and well I love her I know so soon but she’s beautiful inside and out and her daughter only surviving one is in our family she called me dad but with this whole event I show no mercy you don’t talk to cancer you cut it out you end it

As long as im around nothing like this will EVER happen again I swear it im a man of my word but good of the Wolf race and all the factions shows that the good outnumber the bad by a lot 5000 bad guys 30 thousand victims but 55k packs that stood up and looked after their fellow Wolves bears too birds cats all suffered but I made it right with help from an ally and her forces stress for me is over I did my part but it’s up to my mate my love my queen tera to do what I did step up I’ll be there to guide and help but she is doing a great job she is a born leader

School is back up I feel im doing great and its interesting and challenging for me which I love and going to school with Anna having lunch with her really has helped a lot we grew even closer if that was possible and we are looking for new home when we start a family after school and getting into our careers of course

Me and my ladies are growing closer too again if it was even possible but I do question actions and statements I still have my mind even if Mira wants me at times to be abit docile so I accept her love more which in a busy life can be difficult but I got asked the other day what makes me and Anna’s relationship last now that’s difficult I just love her but few things no secrets simple I know but Anna knows me fully I know her fully also time Im finding the best moments are just me and her watching tv and eating pizza or cuddling in bed ive grown to like cuddling my ladies but a perk is them naked in bed only in bed as a red blooded male that’s a bonus

Im captain of my footy team our coach wants to bring a form of toughness to the team play aggressive in their face no mercy football and I was right person for that and I have a problem with rage but no problem controlling it I use it on the footy field and I got on TV and radio they were talking about my play style and they got an actual AFL coach on and he said he will be in next draft and get picked but the thing is im happy where I am AFL would be great but not the best instead of getting injured I rather be home with my wives

Ive been doing things in magick Anna’s mum took me under her wing and yeah ive learnt a lot from her I think magick is not the magick we think I think the energy can be found maybe even harnessed so yeah that’s everything

Have a good one

Well an update on this whole fucked up situation

Well how to I start this I thought it was just Lexi birth pack and their sub packs its not this poison runs deep many many packs we project five thousand unknown packs out there doing this we have come across 2,500 victims adults and pups are victims this is my first real test as general since the faction leaders put me in charge of finding them the news has been released to all known packs and well adoption has been great new sub packs forming like Wolfs brother and his bear mate and they have adopted 13 pups and another pack adopted 20 pups but we are finding more than are being adopted and this infection as I called it has infected bird factions and bears and 3 sub factions so im in control of finding but still how many are out there dens nests grave sites but these 5 thousand packs will pay for what they have done and it’s only a small amount of wolfs race so don’t think all are bad most are nice kind caring and are helping us

Now Lexi came home after first trip bringing healthy Wolves here to be safe and cared for and she adopted two pregnant Wolf pups she named one vala a friend named one lily they could not walk like I said in last post imagine a pup size of a small house cat with another pup inside we have the best healers and birth women they help with birth that they gave birth their bellas age only a month and abit they gave birth to Kira and ally sort for Alison Wolf claimed one Lexi the other and now my family is getting bigger then Wolf  and well that’s another one and Mira found 50 year old pup we named jade since most where never given a name then tera found Samantha and Leah geez even im getting confused with the kids so I’ll have to get used to it

Kids giving birth to kids but with all my new kids and old ones I said ill always protect you your safe here and to the new ones im your father you never have to go through that again now we have found more grave sites Lexi birth mother has been great help along with other women they classed as prime breeder since their still strong point out dens they got moved to and grave sites for Wolves who are still out there finding new dens graves and roaming groups of these guys who got warning the boarder to Wolf realm is restricted to only those that are allowed so my ladies can move their pack our new kids and ones we find who are healthy

We found dens where they corrupt young male pups into this where they come back and have sex or rape their mother or sisters some are beyond help and I have no clue how to deal with them yet there are some that are not and im helping them too others didn’t full for it or where not sent to one of these brainwashing dens yet so there are innocent males some males who resisted the brainwashing where killed sadly but interesting thing about Wolves incest does not affect them like us where down the line we have deformed kids them it’s no effect which is actually good means the kids born will be fine this horrible thing there’s no words for it tonight as my body rests im going there its 8pm at the moment im going at 11 hopefully if my body can relax I need to be with those I lead we have killed a few bad guys that resist capture tortured others for information and found papers and messages to help us find more and desert Wolves our best trackers go to a den find a scent that leaves this den and follows it to another den Lexi mother told my lead person on the ground when they recovered bodies of two holding each other sisters raped to death together held each other till the very end I want to cry but can’t I need to be strong my people need me to lead

We are uncovering more and I can’t believe this happened right under our noses but I can’t look at that there are pups and adult Wolfs out there that need us now dark things happen human history says so but it’s how we act that matters lexis birth mother instead of going away to seek treatment and stuff she went to find more wolves help us find them we have found other races in these things so we have gone to their leaders one set of leaders agreed even the evil ones to help us find any responsible and if pups have been sold or taken get them back bring them home so yeah more updates but as a general this is my first real test I wish this didn’t have to be it but I can keep my head high that at the end we will find them and get justice for the victims that are dead or alive this has festered for too long without us knowing now its time to kill it

Have a good one guys if you have kids hug them extra tight

Well rough day as a general

Well where do I start Lexi has had trouble with her birth pack and was attacked after a little tera ordered their capture which they did I sent royal guard to find them and get them anyway it was worse than I expected Lexi never saw females like her mother and well they enter the den and saw well horrible stuff females were seen as breeders that’s it by the corrupted males and yeah lexis mother was kidnapped ages ago they forced them to breed and well yeah kids as young as Kara pregnant so we captured the culprits since this is a military matter now I make the calls being general Lexi was casted out because of a too strong will her father forced  evil beings to breed with her sisters we found 7 dens in total so far all bad same thing found young  and adult females sick injured dying ive kept this from the public in wolfs realm to not scare them but I’m needing to lift this option since more Wolves being found tera has called for emergency meeting of all faction leaders all the Wolfs will join my pack since most if not all are related to Lexi or at least half my pack went out to help ive orders Wolves to torture for information’s medical care for the Wolfs

Lexi birth mother was the healthiest she has no mate nor do her sisters since it requires both parties agreeing so they have that going for them but her mother is called by her father a prime breeder and was cared for so she’s been helping us and it turns out karas attack and rape might be linked they might have tried to kidnap her also lexis mother said there is a grave with bodies of pups raped to death around karas age even Bella my youngest ive ordered bodies recovered and to be give the proper respect and burial

Ive brought things into this new military like reports and classification like top secret but this military disbanded and is growing back up very slowly so if this goes deeper into other factions I fear I might not have the man power to deal with it these reports are visions from those involved what I saw was sickening imagine a little Wolf carrying a puppy they can’t walk this is sick but ive ordered after info is gathered execute the culprits (bad guys) ive been getting images and I actually cried I never cry this is sick so sick but the choice to choose death over exile was hard ending life is never easy but I can’t let this fester and grow like a cancer I must cut out this cancer

Ive gotten support from previous general who gave me the mark of general his pack are out helping we caught a courier but I’m doing my best organising troops but it’s hard since info comes in from the torturer from the culprit some legit some fake which makes things harder but im fearing I cant keep up but I’m trying I won’t let this stand but it showed even in the nicest caring of races there is evil I believe this started after the military disbanded and well with this new one rising we found this evil but if this grew without others knowing then I fear what other evil is out there and other evil in different factions but rest assured I won’t let evil reside in our lands

Anyway today has been the worst of days

Have a good one guys

I did it I fucking did it I soul traveled or astral projected to wolfs realm

Woohoo I did it guys a solid year of work reading books and learning and meditating and I did it now I can do it whenever like as soon as I did it I unlocked it now I know how I did it it’s hard to explain the travel itself but I know what I experienced first trip was well the longest for few hours I was there I was a wolf only a puppy since it does not grow until I’m dead I was with my wife Lexi and I was in a forest with mountains encircling us snow-capped the forest like ours has its own eco system of bugs and stuff but the bugs are not like us intelligent or even most of the animals there just like animals in our world anyway we were walking and oh man the smells I picked up in the pristine untouched forest was mind blowing as a wolf I can pick up on so much more but when we were walking Lexi showing me stuff and this was not like a dream I was walking on rocks I slipped and cut my paw Lexi grabbed me by the head curled up and started cleaning the paw that I hurt and then me

Then I came to in this world Lexi said time to go home and then Lexi is like and then said lets surprise wolf tera and Mira and the kids and I did it again like it was natural and I went to them Wolf said “ oh no you didn’t die did you” I said no and Lexi said its true and well it started with I got to go to teras throne room which the throne is made of stone and fur I sat on it Mira asked why I don’t go into human form well I feel ashamed I got no idea on how to do that but Mira likes me as a puppy she can hug me squeeze me keep me warm Wolf agrees but tera said if I figured out how she will lock doors to throne room and let me bend her over and have sex on the throne so a reward if I work hard but after that Wolf and I were in the forest again I saw an ant hill tried to sniff it and got bitten on the nose by the ants which are like ants in our world primitive and I thought I could make friends but I guess ants don’t want to be friends but the forest the sensations sounds smells is hard to describe it’s the whole forest Wolfs scent in wolf form to a human Would smell horrible to a human but as a Wolf it smells awesome it smells to best describe the forest since I could pick up on smells that as a human smelt bad but as a Wolf smells awesome and stuff humans can’t smell

But yeah I’ve made true progress after 1 year I can travel to Wolfs realm and desert Wolves will protect my body at night when I travel there when my body rests so I don’t die of sleep deprivation but my spirit/conciseness will travel there till morning so I can be with my wives at my true home anyway ill update you on my experiences in their realm and with other factions and Wolves and stuff so yeah I’m so fucking proud of myself I don’t know what to call it astral projection or soul travel

Have a good one