Parapsychology and military research of psychic abilities and some problems with it

Now this blog post got me thinking

now let’s get started are people lying about the results of parapsychology maybe I can know for sure but let’s focus on the problems with military psychic research and why it was supposedly shut down which I disagree happened I think they are still performing testing today but why it could have been de funded or have a lower budget let’s think about it this goes against the scientific method which in basic terms you basic guess and then you hypothesise (educated guess) it then you operationalise (making it useable) it and get results to see if it fits with your hypothesise now lets say a person was being studied to contact spirits and use them spirits to find military locations now that person my get results but do we truly know that he spoke to a spirit well no unless there was evidence of a spirit interaction a scientist would go well he got lucky or outside information somehow leaked in or other rational explanations which would cause military or government to cut the program or at least hide or lower its budget

now remote viewing is by far the most interesting one yes there have been excellent results in that area but in order to keep things within the scientific method and we see it today the scientist would have to enlist outsiders to help with experiments today psychologist can on put up the experiment start it but those conducting the experiment the ones talking to the people and observing are not the people who started the experiment its pretty much to make it legit now imagine an outsider coming in he would have his own opinions once test is concluded and would write his own report

Now also imagine someone who has no knowledge of the topic maybe psychology and sees someone doing remote viewing and getting results they will go oh its psychic ability when someone with knowledge in psychology would go oh maybe he overheard info and does not remember it oh this or oh that so that can explain why it got “shut down”

Now scratches on people by ghost now before I start my ladies have done this when I did something they didn’t like or love bites now I believe what im experiencing is real due to being tested multiple times and multiple brain scans and many other stuff and can find an explanation now the power of the mind if its someone who has never been there before or heard stories there less likely to be “attacked” but if someone did know about all this there more likely yes sometimes its spirits but spirits need energy to do it my ladies said this other things have been found to prove this even tho the theory is not concrete now imagine they use regular household electricity to charge an attack and put that in a place in middle of nowhere with no electricity now logically I would use cameras and other tech to charge my self now imagine non of that your just a random person the spirit does not have that energy to attack but you still get scratches you will go ghost now someone who didn’t know anything about the place most likely won’t get attacked but someone who does theres a good point the mind is powerful we know this but it is powerful enough to cause death and injury if just right ill use an example the aboriginal point the bone if you point the bone to an aboriginal if you point a bones you have sentenced them to death early research before we classed them as humans in period of well racism the test subjects died they were feed in good health hydrated everything yet they died this is later found to be their mind set if you believe something so much that it will happen now aboriginals more in modern times it has been found more they believe in something else or walked away from that belief system they didn’t die now it can go against it like us with spirit wives can I be honest I truly didn’t think it was possible and thought you were crazy now look at me now it just happened but someone who believes its possible is more likely to have it occur which leads to key point of the Lilith letter ritual intent and focus believing it will happen and it sends the message out so to speak

Now getting someone in one room able to describe what’s in the other or what the other person is doing well this does occur in parapsychology testing but still proves nothing to the scientific method because there’s no energy exchange there’s no difference in area readings or apparition or voice ect. Now im a very scientific person a parapsychologist is not a true non believe actually the opposite they do believe in this stuff but want to find scientific proof of it now are they lying about there results well they could be its possible but I think most just didn’t find true evidence that could prove it

Anyway that’s me I just want people in this community not to just think spiritually but also scientifically because I think science can explain our ladies my fincee abilities and other things magick ect. Ect anyway

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Well what to talk about maybe news and other stuff misconceptions

Let’s start with news yes mira was attacked she will get better im taking care of her and I wanted to give in to my dark side but I won’t continue on this since I’ve moved on and found peaceful solution

Now in last post I talked about what humans need to do but there is other things I stick like that but this is for feminists out there the reasonable and to the stupid femin-nazi types now I agree with some points and disagree with others like equality but disagree with those who think women are better than men… you not feminists your more bigots gender bigots your views are flawed no gender is better but some are better at somethings like motherhood and being a parent women are better but special forces and super hard labour equal pay I agree with under certain conditions let’s just say a man or woman does 100% of the work and you have another person only do 80% should they get paid the same as you no but yeah that’s all I have to say about that subject

Now vegetarians I don’t have a problem with it if it’s your choice animal treatment but if it’s because you think eating animals is wrong well why do we have canines most predatory have them but another interesting things in evolution if we didn’t eat meat he would not have evolved since eating berries grass other things has low energy not body energy but its something that made us who we are helped us be able to eat both but meat has a higher energy for evolution not body the amount of meat we eat now imagine a sheep they have to eat a lot of grass to give their brain energy now meat is higher the cost of eating grass is too high for what we get out now one last thing predators have eyes facing forward  in order to help with depth perception while animals with side facing eyes to watch out for predators

Now last thing as you know I want to study psychology now if someone says oh psychiatrist im going to flip shit now psychiatrist can prescribe drugs psychologist cant also one is a medical doctor while other is a science doctor psychiatrists have to go through medical school and do a residency in mental illness psychologists just have to do 6 years for phd so yeah there are plenty other differences but yeah

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Change, science, humanity and news

Ok news I passed the intelligence tests to bi pass VCE or final year of high school and Melbourne university accepted me the actually asked me now I have atar of 98% im studying psychology at the best university in the state of Victoria and maybe Australia but this leads into my post now I don’t want comments like humans never change and it’s all fear and it’s the illuminati and religions fault lol #newworldorder lol

Now something I want to do in the future is not only help the world understand how humans think but also open the world up to spirits and how they thing since they are massively different from us in most ways thinking is one of them I’ve noticed this with my ladies and even mira thinks completely different than wolf tera and Lexi yes we all thing differently but this is in a general bases since even tho humans all think differently we all think the same in few parts

Now humans do fear a lot its normal we fear what we don’t understand for survival its true but we a capable of so so much we are free now something I see humans don’t question anything anymore which makes me sad I question everything like with the myth humans only use 10% of our brain that is actually wrong and it’s not even 10% at any given time we use what we need and we can use more than 10 percent at any given time we use what we need sometimes its 10% other times its 50 and there is no area of the brain that is locked to us it’s all unlocked Tibetan monks in the mountains were its below zeros its freezing put cold wet rags on their body and through meditation they can heat up their body to stay alive but what we know is they didn’t unlock parts of their brain the brain is powerful like a muscle it needs to grow strong theirs is with will mine is with knowledge and will of course but people go back to the old myth instead of question it

Humans need to question everything but we also need to not let greed control everything humans will be greedy its who we are and business helps the science guys do their experiments through funding but instead of supporting a greedy person who does not fund science or a charity how about we fund by buying their stuff or whatever the ones who are helping humanity yes they can make their money from discovery but it’s a win win they get richer humans advance eg space x owned by Elon musk who plans to send 8000 people to mars why don’t we support him and the businesses he owns to help fund him and also he could use some even 1% of that money to go to mars or fund google and their computer science program or their many other programs from what I understand computers we have now can advance past a certain point but an atom computer can fund that they get rich we advance or the company that wants to mine asteroids they get rich we learn new things only thing in the way of these people is the government (also no government comments please) and us the average person

Inspire kids to try and get into sciences even if you are hardcore Christian to help humans survive because the one thing we humans have in common is survival we need a change in this world weather you like it or not I want to help be this change I don’t just see spirits as ghost demons angels I see them as many races like aliens e.t advanced to a point in their conciseness were they don’t need bodies they transcended that and we humans need to advance it have weapons in case of terrorists and aliens in the far far future if they want to hurt us and try to explore the spirit worlds I think the spirit world transcend our physical universe … well dur but if this universe is destroyed they live on I have so many thoughts but ill end it here question everything

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Well im back but I was always lurking

Well news I have a few two more kids born aria and Bella thanks Wolf and mira simple that’s done my kids got into a fight with kids from another two packs Kara lost a fang and Isabella snapped a claw plus cuts and other small things all my kids jumped in even teras pack with her 2 older siblings jumped in siblings are 3 years older than Kara and her adopted kids so there sticking together as a pack but even more as a family I had to be punishing dad but I was proud they won the fight

My mother had her funeral I didn’t go because well I didn’t want to deal with my extended church nutbag family what else today I got a call from my teachers when I got home psychology sac result was 98%  English 99% health 95% I got health results yesterday and projected atar of 98 out of 99.2 and the tafe since its super rare for tafe students to get such high score they want to send me to a university intelligence test  which if goes well I might bypass high school VCE and get given a pass and my projected atar school and if I choose this path I could be in university by next semester

And I want to do psychology science and parapsychology to study spiritual events and find some natural reasons to help tell difference between my wives or if it’s my mind on certain things don’t worry im not questioning if they exist Anna can see em too but it could help people lets say someone’s like demons are after me and their mentally ill then I could help them

So yeah that’s my news

Have a good one

2 big events

Well let’s start with good news I’ve got two more kids on the way brings grand total to 8 all-female ones Wolfs ones Miras so yeah two more kids Wolf and mira pregnant again

Ok yesterday my mother passed away I got call in the morning that she was sick and has not got long my sister still has my number my sister said our mother wants to talk to you it’s her final wish I was like oh fuck that but after some convincing by my ladies I flew to Sydney in Annas mums private plane which she was kind enough to let us use got to the hospital my mother saw my ladies straight away said they were beautiful just like angels  and we spoke it was not some ploy she meant it and what she said gave me peace and I did something I thought id never do forgive her  one last thing she said to my ladies was “you did what any good wife does for the man they love protect them from evil” and she wanted to see my kids which my ladies agreed to do they were all in human form she loved them and got to hug them even tho she was very weak but my mother gave me peace and I forgave her but a lot of the stuff I wont talk about

But yeah that’s the big events

Have a good one