Well a lot has happened

Ok a lot has happened mainly kids were born wolf was pregnant too Wolf and mira want a pack so I welcome to the world ruby Ashley and Sarah now total of 6 kids I don’t mind if my ladies want a pack I’ll give it to them ruby solid black fur Sarah same since their twins that way Ashley is grey and white Wolf ruby has gold eyes like her mother mira and Sarah has orange eyes Ashley has blue sapphire blue like her mother Wolf  lexi and tera have been a big help in training all my kids since it’s hard for me

Tera is trying to get Wolfs pack and others out of exile and bring them home but its hard I hope Wolf gets her home back mira is trying to find a way to destroy so to speak my inhuman side so my rage can be gone she said its possible just hard very hard it will help me a lot in many ways

More memories of past lives have been coming up again nothing to big me at war with the Japanese in papa new Guinea nothing major just death mud and other stuff my current life memories also coming back up after I suppressed them Wolf has been doing it saying “it’s better for you to face it with us” and yeah just little stuff

Sorry I cant blog as much I get home from school and tempt work its just last thing I want to do after a long day I just want to be with my family IRL comes first in my book but ill try to get more out I have bunch of theory’s to certain things and just personal progress

Have a good one

Im still alive if you only follow my blog you might have thought I left

Let’s start last spot has been filled by tera she saw what the elder packs above her were doing they said bring him into the elders or kill him she hurt me and said I was dead and hid it from them then left and came to me for help her pack being a pack leader were her number one concern 6 pups 2 siblings rest adopted and then said to me she would rather die in her husband’s arms then alone

Now what else I got another vision of a past life this one is something interesting I was an Australian soldier WW2 ERA now I want to start with I was on the Kokoda trail as the only true soldier on the trail rest reservist or chocos anyway all I know was the stand and them being reservists I remember hearing my platoon leader got told by superior he’s a good warrior he was in Africa and in Europe he fought hard and a soldier asked me what was with the tattoo miras mark I said its means something then walked off I woke up after

Now some good news too miras pregnant again one name is decided ruby there another set of twin girls note to self-get spiritual condom lol other name is a tossup between milly and Sarah im thinking Sarah but another two on the way

What else school started and my ladies made an impression now people mainly girls go how did you meet and other questions but a guy came up saying you have demon whores huh I bet I could fuck them their that easy if not for tera I would have kicked his teeth in

But this time has been hectic but blog comes last my family comes first pure and simple at the moment Anna is feeling depressed so right now she is talking to her mum so I have time to write this but yeah so anyway that’s an update im still alive and around

Have a good one