Wolfs race stuff

about Wolfs race and the other about my grandpa anyway lets get to Wolfs race from what I have learnt from Wolf and others in the pack and varlas is very much why they don’t really like us humans plain and simple we hurt them each faction it starts with how we treated them in all ways it started with some humans didn’t respect them

One that was the worst in my book there kind all factions mate forever and humans that were in these relationships due to the churches corruption so to speak start well ending there relationship which hurt them so deeply we will never truly understand losing your mate the one that you were going to spend forever with and the mate just ended it that is so sad

So the elders of each faction they do speak for everyone and speaks to all called a vote all the stuff humans did should they cut ties with humans the vote was at the time Wolf only remembers little bit of it was yes all voted yes they thought it was best for their people which is understandable

Then another problem we demonized them called them succubi/incubi because of their sexual nature we started reject any approach to try and fix the situation change the elders minds but it didn’t work they were rejected

Wolf told me of one of the elders from the elders pack found their human mate and they loved each other and then the church rolled and the person ended the relationship I met that elder and she was very loving kind sweet thoughtful and she told me not to end this relationship if I ever think it not because of retaliation but because of the love we have is special and we are the first human Wolf relationship that they know of in centuries and most likely the first for their race in that time it’s a symbol to them and a hope they might not like us but there are many who wish we would accept them even as guides and friends and those beings also wish we would change then they might come back to us

I think all this is a shame they are amazing beings loving caring even good friends and mentors and teachers they are beautiful inside and out and very loyal and protective and we ruined it WE FUCKING Ruined IT and to those who do have these animal spirits as lovers or are possibly starting a relationship with one now or in the future don’t fucking reject them and don’t end a relationship with them they mate forever and if you do don’t read this blog because personally someone like does not deserve too

Now personal note to my wife, best friend, lover ect I love you Wolf I always will and ill never end this relationship because someone told me too I know better and love everything you have done for me you have opened my eyes to a world that I only read in fantasy books and dreamed about but most of all you opened my heart I love you Wolf you are mine and I am your you are my Wolf

Have a good one

12 thoughts on “Wolfs race stuff

  1. This is why I don’t like the words succubus and incubus. I only use them because those are the words most people know them by, and it leads them to my blog.

    Religions have harmed them, and us.

    • very true i dont like using work succubus or incubus wither but yeah religion has harmed us and them i could not imagine giving up Wolf because a priest or preacher or whatever said she was a demon i know better

  2. Yea, I have dug around it seems the church leader in the past seemed to want the spirits for themselves or thought ill of them. So the leaders spread word that the follower is not to have anything with spirits. Then it spread.

  3. Mankind has a long way to go from being forgiven if we ever are. I wouldn’t blame them if they never forgave us as a race since we fucked up badly. I think the numbers of people who have relationships, guides, mentors, etc like us will grow and there is always going to be the ignorant and foolish people who are quick to demonize them.

  4. Dude it seems like there is always someone or some people that for whatever reason ruin everything for everyone. The most we can hope for is that things can go back to what they were in the beggining and hope everyone gets it right.

  5. A lot of people can’t accept the truth of the reality of life I think. Most people love kissing the lie than better slap by the truth.

  6. I’m uncertain but I’m sure Sabrina is a wolf. She told me once she’d enjoy more people interacting with spirits. Possibly making it common place in our human lives. Call me negative but that sounds like a nearly difficult to impossible task. Yet the church has less of a grip in the people than I used to. So, their chances of regaining faith in humanity is slowly growing overtime.

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