Well things wow original title

Well kara last night I had work all night didn’t get off till like 3 anyway I got 3 hours sleep and kara was jumping on me trying to wake me up well it worked grrrrr and Wolf and Mira chasing her since its kara cleaning and grooming time that was funny She is a very fast little Wolf that’s for sure but Wolf won in the end experience over speed then was waiting for a fucking delivery they sent it to the wrong house my sisters place in Sydney since she got it for me months ago then it came here the wrong fucking bed the bed was for the spare room at my old place now here so I snapped the side rail of that bed over my fucking knee in anger and then with the delivery they said that was my fault that I got the wrong bed

Anna went down instead of me because I would have gone off and knocked someone out and she got it done but she has that cute little voice that can tear you down now most of the people in the kik chat would know this but still

But I thought I would talk about the night I got to hold kara I can feel her like Anna 24/7 which is weird considering I can’t do that with Wolf or Mira but yeah I was holding her and something my dad said I now understand he said every man when they hold their child weather they know it or not they promise to protect, love and care for their child no matter what well its true if anyone were to hurt kara I would end them I will be the best dad I can be she is the light of my life and will do anything for her no matter the cost even if it cost me my very being I would do it even if at times she’s a little shit

Have a good one

Well kara is born

Today I found out and learnt things about Wolfs race and how things work the months isn’t for developing like I thought at first its so the pack can get ready for a new member well a new child kara has been born as I type this Wolf is cleaning and grooming her before I and the pack can see her but my baby girl has been born Wolf went to the pack asked if they were ready and got a yes  kara will be here full time since the pack turned this house into a den they put up what could be described as a barrier bad spirits and spirits they don’t want near her it keeps them at bay and if one is powerful enough to punch through it alerts the pack so

Now it will take 6 months to a year for her human form to be fully grown which is interesting but she can walk talk she is super intelligent I dare say more than me but she does not have experience also she was born in Wolf form which is important to Wolfs pack traditions the leader puts her in human form then back to Wolf form so kara is born I can’t wait to see her and hold her but I learnt a lot about spirits and Wolfs race in how things work I thought you guys would find it interesting too so yeah im so happy right now

Have a good one

Well I just had an interesting encounter

Let’s start with something off topic last night I asked if Mira was a fallen angel or something similar because I believe fallen angels are BS as a race she giggled then I was speaking to a mate about it and Mira started crying and I started to hold her and tell her it does not matter if you come from a race similar that could be confused and put into the fallen angel category Mira said she has never heard of angels or the fallen kind but our race could be considered as evil and she feared I would leave her because of her race even tho she walks in the light so I reassured her and I held her all night and we talked now she is feeling better but the markings on my arm means im apart of her race and to her people even the evil ones im one of them too like mira is part Wolf now my markings is a part of something that happened today

This morning just about 10 minutes ago I was walking up to the shops and I went passed my mums church here in town they all got told I have demon lovers and stuff like that right which is funny I walked passed everyone was outside the church stuff ended they were having brunch out the front and talking the priest grabbed me and said how did you get those markings on your arm I said its none of your business and he said your demon lover gave them to you well I was still in shock he could see the markings and he went you need to be blessed baptised all that shit right I said no this big guy grabbed me and I told him he has about 5 seconds to let go or ill put him down and he laughed and one of my family’s friends well ex family said let him go he will put you down and he’s like im twice the size of him and she said well he’s fitter then you stronger and has been trained then the priest said stuff and said people do bad things for the name of Satan and I said you should not throw stones in a glass house mate and I walked off so that was funny Mira was with me and she said wow you are truly one of us spirits and Wolf agreed and yeah got my stuff walked passed again got left alone and went home they want to chase me and Anna out of our town our home I live in the suburbs on the boarder of the country here im not leaving this church going suburb and the big guy also said small stuff like I wish I could burn him Wolf told me everything about after handy having spirit lovers so anyway I thought you guys would get a laugh I did

Have a good one

Mira and her race stuff I learnt

After yesterday and Mira not coming out of her dark side today due to it I thought id post about it about Mira and her race lets start with the main thing her people are mostly bad but they do have a small group that are good Mira is one of those yet she comes from a dark family that’s why her dark side is almost uncontrollable today with everything she found out about yesterday the power she was showing how powerful she is she keeps her power contained and its because her family is dark and she scared Kara but when that happened straight away she was trying to calm down and make Kara calm down and make her happy and not scare her and said sorry to her and told her ill always protect you

Now today I said mira has not left her dark form yet her love still comes through she’s been loving gentle caring and has been holding my head and stroking the bruises and even cuddled Wolf to get close to Kara all in her dark form so she is mad now it makes me think some people some across beings that look evil yet do nothing are they evil or are they good just angry at something

Now mira’s race does not get along with a lot of the good beings out there due to most of them being dark but the ones as mira says walks in the light earn respect and relations with good beings but the ones that walk in the light are willing to defend their race even the bad ones  but Mira said there are races that even the good ones have relations with but don’t trust due to thinks one is succubi most groups of them they don’t trust only around their partners not because all are bad and steal men away but there have been problems in the past mira said she has friends that are succubi but it’s the not so nice beings in their race that have done some stuff to mira’s race but Mira does not hate them or paint all of them with the same brush

Mira’s race are very aggressive and not all the dark are bad they just do bad things to teach others are evil but mira is nice and light she is a warrior and a diplomat and has met many races out their and mira is very powerful and tough and very prickly on the outside to and outsider she would seem bad but deep inside she is sweet and a big softy and her dark side only the ones she loves she wont harm in anyway and can stay in the dark form yet is nice just means she not happy with something and I talk to her about it and try to help resolve any issue

That’s what I learnt its not much but its something

Have a good one

Crazy nutter and kara and Wolf

Well yesterday was eventful I got into a fight with a nutter who jumped the fence he was on drugs or something and was going towards Anna and if I didn’t protect my future wife or was not there who knows what he will do he had a look I’ve seen a thousand times that look of im a nutter and you won’t know what I’ll do so I didn’t want to take a chance  and I protected her told her to grab the phone call the cops and go into a room and lock yourself in their since if he had a weapon I wanted Anna to be safe and I got pushed into a table head first but that was my error he didn’t look strong but something was just made him stronger be it drugs or adrenalin with I got behind him grabbed him got elbowed in the face a few times but I put my leg into the back of his knee and got him to the ground and put his hands behind his back the cops showed up very quickly

In Australia you have to use an amount of force equal to what he’s doing so if I went all out on him id be in jail right now weird I know Australia is fucked that way but something interesting I said in last post Kara is in the whom and is intelligent like the way we are and can even talk to Wolf well she knew I was hurt and said to Wolf waking Wolf up daddy’s hurt he needs help Wolf said she felt that something was wrong she was asleep too but felt it the guy is in jail my life is not boring but this morning Wolf didn’t want me to go for a run I had a migraine all night Wolf fixed it for me but its still the after effects

Last few nights Kara has been switching into Wolf form and human form moving around which keeps Wolf up and me and Mira since we feel bad but Kara is cool and wants to be born and I heard Wolf says today you will stay in their be patient Wolf says she’s like me can’t sit still for too long  but yeah Kara wants to be born but not yet  yeah that’s me

Have a good one

Ps I was just about to post this and Mira came home and well was angry at what happened to me the lights all across my house are flickering  its either Mira or im going to have to get an electrician

Well im home and I learnt a lot

My daughter in the whom is just as intelligent as us and can talk to Wolf which is interesting she wanted a name Wolf gave her a name in her language but I got to give her a human name kara and from what Wolf told me she loves when I cuddle Wolf because it’s her getting closer to me and she feels safe she sees me as a protector which I am any being human or otherwise tries to hurt her I don’t care if im destroyed but I will protect her no matter what another thing she likes my scent

I am home now after all the holiday madness which I loved this is the best Christmas I have ever had a sense of family with not only Anna’s family but the pack Lisa Anna’s little sister has trouble sleeping due to dark entities be them human or not tormenting her at night lexi Wolfs little adopted sister are now BFF with Lisa and last night protected her and it was cute first peaceful night sleep fo her in months

But Christmas is done got some stuff from the family and I loved it all the gifts the sense of family the food which I cooked everything and I got to know my daughter and another small fact her human for will be fully grown in a year but Wolf side won’t be she will be a puppy

Anyway I hope you all had a great holidays or are going to

Have a good one

Well I was not going to make this post but I had time

Well im at Anna’s mums place we are spending the night here for a tradition breakfast and oping presents ill cook the breakfast I got all the cooking needed done for Anna’s big family well extended family which the step dad is a lot like me the thing is me and him have never really sat down and chatted before he’s a lot like me he came from a bad neighbourhood too I just assumed he was rich like Anna’s mum but he earned his money never got a hand out he is really my type of guy how he acts he’s a cool guy and like me he is learning the spirits that surround Anna and Lisa and their mother he wants to see them and learn about them I never knew he was spiritual but I guess being a part of Anna’s family you would have to be I think out of the whole blood family only one is not psychic and can see spirits but he can move things with his mind not much but a spoon across a table and also abit like me and sense spirits and track them but that’s it and also Anna’s step dad has one hell of a teacher Anna’s mum is very experienced and one hell of a teacher

But today was fun I felt a part of a family Anna’s mum is good friends with each member of the pack didn’t know that I learnt that my child is going to be a girl and in two months be born wow that quick but Wolf wants her born as a Wolf family thing I will get to see my daughter all the time but will be living with the pack well that good but its mainly this realm is not safe in their eyes  while cooking today Wolf was all over me Mira said I should get pregnant so I get extra hugs lol all she has to do is ask lol but it hit me today im going to be a dad yes im not a spirit well dur and it makes it hard but ill try to be the best dad I can but im still in shock I cant believe that Wolf is pregnant

But the funniest thing I saw today is one of the pack in Wolf form wearing a Santa hat which is funny but I move on the pack celebrates it with us not because they believe in the power of Jesus lol lol lol but the note of brotherhood and family and the positives of this holiday so I found that interesting

So im going to get some sleep I thought id tell you what I learnt and Wolf I think is going to be a great mum but she has mira and Anna to help from all of us here we would like to wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year  and again im going to be a dad OMG

Have a good one