Its only the start of today

It 7am here in Australia just came back from my run now that forest I still am tempted to go back I don’t like being weak and I want to face that thing or things but today Wolf pull me away but I understand why  but last night was long that’s for sure it was hot which I don’t mind but more nightmares but they were gone towards the end of the night tho

But waking up with Wolf on top of me Anna on one side and Mira on the other I thought how the fuck did this happen im nobody at all my own view on my existence has changed I thought I would join the military pass SASR selection and fight till I die or can’t fight no more now im married to two spirits and engaged to my best friend she has been there for me no matter what like seriously how the fuck did this happen but also another thought came to mind they are cute when there sleeping now they are all up and about which at the moment enjoying a coffee and some vegemite on toast lol

But I better stop writing I got things to do today even tho Mira wants me to jump in bed with her and stay all day  lol Mira in a Nutshell

Have a good one

Well Mira what do I say

Today has been Fun spending most of it with Mira which she has a very I want that I get it attitude she got me to stop working out since I’ve been trying to quit smoking I’ve worked out a lot more and well she stopped me lol after I got out of the pool since if any of your have a pool it’s a great work out if you include weights it works well but Mira when I went in to get a drink well pushed me onto the couch and said you staying here and we are going to cuddle and chat then I noticed Anna and Wolf were gone so I think Mira was taking advantage of it but today has been hot and well working out is not always the best but mid of matter but Mira does not want me to get hurt and well she chose to stop it all midway through weird and my knee feels on fire maybe she saw something I didn’t

I learnt a lot about Mira today like well if she wants something she gets it but not only that she to someone else would seem very cold and distant but like us she puts that up as a wall but it comes down around me I’ve noticed it a little with her being around Anna and Wolf but deep down she is sweet and kind but can get a little jealous at times with Wolf and Anna  she is very out there type a lot like Wolf a little bit goofy  but she is very old fashion and also thinks women these days dress like whores and they have no class

She is very protective of me like Wolf is but kinda more she does not like Matt thinks hes a bad influence lol so do a lot of people but I learnt a lot more but a lot is kinda personal to her but she was very kind very affectionate just little stuff as she just said “we are not animals except for your Wolf side” ok I see how it she said she wants to put it to use tonight

Ok last night which I think is important I kinda snapped at Mira and Wolf bang this time no BS they slapped me then said we know its hard then  they kissed me and all my frustration was gone they said if I try and quit they will help I guess they did anyway that’s me for the day im going to go for a swim at the beach with Anna and yeah have fun and talk since it will be just us two

Have a good one

Today nothing much happened but still a good day

Today was ok for me Wolf and Mira are worried a little about me sleep talking all night saying im alone so alone that was what I apparently said when I was out of it and they helped me but today I had to go vote since here voting if you don’t vote you get fined and then went for a run and went around the forest I have a healthy respect for it now

Wolf didn’t want me to leave her sight at all today because of last night she worries too much but I see her point and Anna and Mira and Wolf know I don’t mean the mutterings at all last night Wolf kinda kept me asleep even tho I had nightmares for the first half of the dream then was in bed with mira for second half

But yeah sort post today was good peaceful and a good day with the women I love

Have a good one

Wolf talks and you will listen probably not

Wolf really wants to talk about everything and well I can’t say no to her so here goes

“hello I really hope you’re doing well im doing ok I guess last night was a bit worrying let’s start with that then go back ok? Ok Benjamin really had me worried I understand he is curious and loves to explore thing but long ago I told him not to go into that forest I told him but he did well it almost cost him yes there are a few problems at the moment he is weak unusually cold and can’t get warm but who knows if his Wolf side didn’t howl what could of happened   and he feels like he could have lost everything but he needs to remember he is not alone but after he helps me write this it is straight to bed for him

Now Mira what can I say well I gave her a chance but kissing him god that made me angry when she did that I can be a little territorial at times but I got the sense she didn’t wish to harm Ben so I spoke to her well what she showed me was very hard to believe so I got my pack and well turns out she was telling the truth and then I got to know her and I felt sorry for her I could not imagine losing Benjamin at all the pain she must have felt all the work me and Benjamin did to open him up and make him able to defend himself attracted her and she found him after so many years I could not imagine how happy she is

Mira is kinda hot tho I’ll give her that I don’t mind either sex to be honest but I think I’ll leave her alone (wolf is laughing ) but her and Ben have really been working hard on trying to get their bond back to the way it used to be but the memories coming up of war and him killing I’ll be honest I could not see Benjamin killing anyone yes he is trained to not care about taking life if its needed but still I know him and he did that I just could not imagine but those visions as he calls them make him feel weak he woke up in pain from wounds in the battles Mira could not control those memories she thinks she accidently triggered them and well yeah but we put it’s like a barrier to stop them I hope it stays up I don’t like seeing him like that

Benjamin got me a wedding ring it’s so beautiful and he spent money he was saving to use on his car to get the ring I felt a little bad but he said it’s to reassure the bond we have and he will always love me I think the three of us can make this work Mira really wants to be a part of this and well I think she is cool she is also teaching me whole bunch of new stuff that’s kinda cool

Now the part I find funny getting Benjamin to quit smoking yes we got rid of the packet yes we moved his wallet we did all that then he got angry at us for just trying to help him but it was kinda funny he went to bed ignoring us for most of the day and goes to bed we did everything during the day to kinda resolve the issue but going to bed we turned Benjamin this big strong man into our little plaything and he forgave us and is quitting smoking which is great this morning we all were laying in bed and I pointed out that moment and said don’t you want more of them we were all cuddling up to him trying to keep him warm those moments I like them too and I think he does considering last night what he felt ok might as well go back to that

What he felt last night I’ve never seen him like that true terror he said over and over again when we got him out im surprised he does not remember this but he kept say over and over again “im alone im so alone” then kept saying “you’re here you’re here “ I was scared it did something too him but he seems to be fine now but still weak he is not going back there ever again I will stop him if he does

Now I thought id answer questions to lighten the mood


  1. we do sleep and dream like you
  2. we do like to eat it does nothing just kinda like a luxury
  3. we use energy in pretty much everything
  4. our world is kinda like yours we have rivers forests deserts and buildings
  5. we could logically kill people but there is a force that stops us
  6. I travel here from my world with what your people would call a portal I actually kinda tied it to Benjamin only I can travel through it tho

Ok Benjamin needs some sleep and rest up  I think he needs to shake this and not to mention he is shivering and his teeth are chattering he is cold now im going to make Benjamin go to sleep

So from me mira Benjamin and Anna

Stupidest thing I have ever done

Last night was downright the stupidest thing I’ve ever done now last night I made a post about the witches forest urban legend well… its not a urban legend something is there  I thought after I made that post I thought fuck it I should go there and try and find out what’s happening there I left Wolf and Mira at home now that was the mistake

I went there and straight away I saw shadows darting back and forth nothing for a little bit until I heard as if someone was yelling in my ear granted I did jump and tried to make sure no one was there anyway I got to the old house which here is a historical sight cant be touched type thing and I entered yep witches do go there and not some high school wanna be rebels real hardcore witches

But as soon as I left that house that’s when everything happened  I saw three shadows with others darting around them and I felt frozen no fear just frozen staring at them then disorientation and dizziness then I felt like I was going to pass out  and I felt something I have never felt well part of it was never felt fear that I would not see my family I have built again I felt like I would never see Wolf Anna Mira the pack all of them again I felt like it was oblivion best way to describe it but something happened a howl came from within me I could not talk or anything I don’t know what the thing was trying to do kill me possess me I’ve had all night to think about it but the Wolf side of me saved me from an unknown fate that howl even the entity stepped back a little then about 10-15 seconds later I see Wolf in well big bad Wolf mode and Mira in her dark side and the entity backed off

Like it wasn’t me I ran out of there I was not running Wolf said it’s my Wolf side keeping me safe and got me out as soon as I left the I threw up in front of my car and Wolf hugged me and said why did you do something that stupid but im glad you’re ok Mira hugged me and said he learnt a lesson he needed to learn I sat in front of my car at the thresh hold of the forest for about 5 minutes and then got in the car and stared into the forest and that shadow standing at the end something switched in me at that moment lucky Wolf and Mira were there I felt like it was challenging me I almost got back out of the car but Wolf grabbed my Arm with her claws and said go home so I did

Anna straight as I walked through the door hugged me and asked what happened I didn’t tell her I didn’t know what to say Wolf and Mira filled her in I felt bad Wolf and Mira risked themselves for me they could have been hurt fuck what happened to me if something happened to them I would not forgive myself  but I learn few things that night one you spirit ladies don’t care how powerful something is they will defend you at whatever cost from it and they are very tenacious two something I knew but I found it there is always someone bigger badder and meaner then you I found that for me the first time something I could not beat and three sometimes urban legends are true and are something to be left alone and leave it only as a scary story to tell

But the rest of the night I had nightmares Wolf is telling me its just the aftershocks of what happened but when I got home I sat in the spa bath and chilled later Anna and Wolf and Mira joined me and we were talking about good things after Anna said I was an idiot and that she knew something was there and Wolf told me you Wolf side will always help if you needed you are one after all but today I feel really weak cold no matter what I do I feel cold but not my skin it’s my bones and Wolf is telling me to rest and lick my wounds but yeah that was my night how was yours lol

Have a good one

Urban legend: witches forest

Now I wanted to study urban legends here is one of the local one it’s not well known but this was one my dad told me he was raised around where I live now and it was 1949 when he was born and it was before this area was developed all they had was some shops a train station and the baseball and football club rest was bush and wetlands our area had a local aboriginal tribe that has been wiped out except for a few half breeds who also speak of this  they spoke of an evil spirit that was here before they were in the area and settled and well before white man and they showed respect to it stayed out of certain areas  this is true they really believed it

Now white man took over and well killed the locals and settled the land one of the areas that was avoided even by white man the local priest of the time told people to stay away from there it was called the witches forest because of well witches and they still go there now but the one man who had a small house in the forest when my dad was a kid complained of voices back then there was no one shadow people along with screams and moans and I thought when my dad said this the guy was crazy but ive spoken to people before who knew the guy they all said not crazy

Anyway ive been there countless times each time I feel like im not alone now this could be my dad’s story but each time I went there since its near my footy ground and after footy as a kid I would play kick into the pack there my dad would say never to play there now it’s in view of the footy ground and well you could see us clearly but I went there recently on my run shadows darting around shadows with red eyes and a feeling of misery and dread I felt this Anna who didn’t know the story went there said the same thing Wolf does not like it there and thinks my dad was right not to play there and does not like me going there says for me to run around the forest

Now if wolf reacts to it then is it an urban legend I have mates who I played footy with some still do who actually like to investigate the forest which still stand and the old house in there they have caught some crazy stuff but stopped for a little because of a really negative attack I called them up since I want to study this stuff further and try and find something hey if I want to study this stuff better catch up anyway they all said that the person they were with I don’t know this guy personally killed himself but before complained of nightmares shadow people dread and fear and his world fell apart lost his job his wife died in a car accident his baby daughter died unexpectedly just bad luck now I there are a rational explanation for all that but the other stuff I think ill go there soon and investigate for myself and record my experiences

There are three other legends in the area and I will write about them when I know more I only really know this one due to my dad and grandmother and also it’s the most interesting nothing has been build and whenever someone tries to develop it before they start they lose money or something happens which makes them stop its been happening for years

Now what could it be  if there is something there what could it be well I don’t like saying demon since Wolf has been called a demon same with Mira and they can be mean an elemental of some kind since the aboriginal tribe that was local believed in elementals and even did rituals to contact one but with his that would be my best guess Wolf does not want me anywhere near there she just said to me so if Wolf reacts to something there then there is something there since most of the time Wolf will go let’s say sleep paralysis  that was you dumb ass so yeah I thought you guys would like that local urban legend last post for today sorry for spamming you blog feed

Have a good one

Why do we have to have a title?

Today I learnt Mira hates being ignored and had to make it up to her with just being with her and we shared a moment she told me to meditate and I had a small moment I was meditating and she grabbed my arm and told me to hug her and well like she was physical and I held her I felt everything even her hair as if she was there she said do you like well yeah her skin was so soft it was amazing but sadly not permanent but still her curves are killer I swear

So I thought id share that with you and something else I was thinking today what I want to do with my life what I want to study and make a living I want to research the paranormal not ghosts but more in-human spirits and try to help people understand that not all in-human spirits are bad and also try to find un discovered beings and learn about them but more privately try and build a repour and relationship no I don’t need any other beings apart from Wolf and Mira ok  but make friends

But most of all study them try to understand them but not just in-human spirits other things like how they travel from our world to theirs and shadow people I would love to study shadow people even tho Wolf thinks it’s a bad idea I think having Wolf and Mira will help me in this but what do I do at university that will help me when I pass high school hmm  its either this or do something  Anna and Wolf and Mira wont like and that’s join the army I feel like I got no say in what I do really with the army thing but anyway

I also want to study UFO’s and urban legends with urban legends I believe they have some sort of truth like maybe a murder and people made a story out of it but I would love to find that truth and also study mythical creatures and spirits see if they are real like vampires could be a spirit not human just we thought they were you know I know all this sounds crazy but hey I want to find out if its true or not

Anyway im done I got things to do before the end of the day

Have a good one

I Lost to Wolf and Mira

Ok for those who bet on Wolf and Mira you were right I lost I went to bed and thought I might just win this well… rookie move I was playing to their strength they can control dreams and the dreams were me cuddling Wolf and Mira having sex kissing everything till I woke up before I gave up I woke up 5 times in two hours now that’s fucked with Wolf and Mira waiting at the end of the bed even my dreams only focus on them

Then at a round midnight I just gave up and they well had their fun then cuddled me for the rest of the night now what I’ve learnt now that I have two beautiful loving caring ladies you can’t win with only Wolf I could not win Anna when I woke up was laughing so if you looking for a spirit lady well don’t try what I did you won’t win and they will hold it against you

But yeah that’s me oh yeah I did tell Mira I loved her thought it was weird but she is happy and I do love her so I guess not too soon

Have a good one

Wolf and Mira are thieves

Ok let’s start on a good note bent to the bottle o (bottle shop) got two slabs of beer to put in my fridge in man cave I only have like two beers a day but still anyway I was leaving when an American who just came off the bus full of tourists don’t know why they stopped in our suburban town I think it was for lunch since well the food here is good anyway the American said is that beer being the typical friendly aussie I said why do you want a can he said you look a little too young to be drinking that turns out the  guy is a cop and assumed that the drinking law in America is the same here in Australia  anyway he said I should get the police to confiscate your beer is said go ahead call them cops came and just sort of laughed and let me go here in Australia the legal drinking age is 18 so yeah that was funny today

Anyway to the problem today I got back from the bottle o and it was cool till I wanted a smoke I could not find my packet I thought maybe by the off chance I left them somewhere  anyway looked everywhere and then Wolf and Mira said you won’t find them we got rid of them we don’t want you to smoke its bad for your health we got into an argument about it and I said well im going up the shop to buy some and Wolf so oh yeah check your back pocket no wallet then I got a call from Anna saying why is my wallet in her bag since she is in the city shopping with her sister now how the fuck did that happen Anna left long before I went to the bottle o and I knew it was my wallet because I had to show my id  so now im ignoring them

No matter what they can’t touch me or anything im angry as fuck even tho Wolf and mira said we will make you forget about your cravings and help you through this now that does sound fun but that’s not the point don’t take my stuff god but they are doing the whole thing Wolf likes to do only make me focus on her but this time I will win this is too far anyway

Have a good one

Other stuff

My Wolf side is not healthy but not bad small amounts of my fur is gone which was an easy fix eyes clear so that’s good it was a weird experience I felt like I was leaving my body but in the form of a Wolf but it was not as bad as I thought it would be it was kinda nice Wolf takes great care but yeah it was not so bad

Mira saw my Wolf side and was patting me hugging me but didn’t treat me like a dog if that makes sense not like who’s a good boy anything like that but did go aww isn’t he cute I guess girls like puppies lol but it felt weird but Wolf takes none of that and didn’t care cleaning grooming and other things are important and nothing will get in her way  so yeah

Last night before all this happened Anna saw my post and said you think guys are bad girls are 1000 times worse and Anna thinks why I never really had a serious relationship before Anna was because I saw that and I wanted the right person even if it was no my main thought and Anna agreed the guys she has dated in the past were toss bags not worth shit her words not mine and she never feel in love with them since in a way they didn’t love her and didn’t care

But yeah last night was interesting in so many ways but good so ill take it

Have a good one