Wolf wants to talk about things

Before I start I don’t know how this post will end up Wolf has been energetic and low and well everything so this will be interesting

“hey I hope you are all doing great im doing greatish the dark entities took a lot out of me stress and all but my pack showed how much they want Anna and Benjamin to be a part of the pack and protected them laying on each other only happens when we are wolves not humanoid forms which happens a little bit it’s a great bonding tool they feel closer to Anna and Benjamin and same with Anna and Benjamin

The pack tho did a few tampering with dreams which I don’t like since I could not see these entities which annoyed me I use Benjamin’s dreams to see if it’s near before tho it tampered with dreams it was draining him and when you can’t see it only sort of sense it well it’s frustrating to say the least I felt so bad I feel like I need to protect them even tho Benjamin says I don’t need to I still can’t help it

The pack tho I thought it would take longer for Benjamin and Anna to be accepted at that level one of my sisters said that they are like our siblings my little brother and sister which is great it means they are a part of this family or pack as I call it its progress humans to my race are not the most liked and the other pack took them in as well and were willing to help humans as their leader said they are not human anymore they are one of us which is great

This new home is theirs too I was a little surprised at that so my siblings are coming and going all the time now they sort of want to explore earth or the physical world in general which out people love to explore this is their home too and knowing my pack they will make themselves at home

Today yeah I’ve been a bit energetic I followed Benjamin to gym and well everywhere I don’t like Benjamin sparring at all he can get hurt but I think it’s something I might have to deal with but today I did get a little upset about some thoughts Benjamin has it gets to me I know he does not mean it or will do it but I can hear it and it makes me sad sometimes but he always makes it up to me and makes me feel better

What else Benjamin and Anna came across an elder Anna does not remember it but Benjamin does it was great they both were sort of accepted which means a lot to me since they are our guides and voice for all the packs and them accepting them is great Benjamin is getting tired I think I’ll let him sleep since tomorrow gym and then work for him he need is till next time”

Ok not as energetic im very tired at the moment so I think ill go to sleep

From all of us have a good one

Work cancelled might as well post

I was not going to thinking I had work but got cancelled due to weather but something today which was a close call of sorts I was going to go surfing today and Wolf said she had a bad feeling about it something was not right and again Wolf proved that when she gets a bad feeling you listen to her the beach I was going to sharks and two shark attacks in that area which is kinda a close call

Anna spend the afternoon with her girlfriends planning a wedding Wolf tho wanted to cuddle and hang for abit I feel asleep for abit and had more Wolf dreams first one I was not a Wolf but this time was another cave just me and nothing but screams and horrible sound coming from deeper within the cave but instead of leaving I kept going deeper I got to a light and Wolf was sitting there and I was going to go to her I was stopped by a force and a another Wolf entered I felt the power most powerful being I have ever met turned human it was a cute girl and they kept saying something in their language to each other and then in English “he’s a strong one… fearless” after that I woke up

Wolf said I met and elder and she liked me all I know about elders is they represent the packs and others represent there faction they are old very old and they are a pack about 10 in that pack all very powerful and the elder liked that I kept going to the sounds most people and beings would back off I didn’t

Second dream was last night was kinda cool I was running with Wolf and we got to a cliff with water at the bottom Wolf didn’t want to jump I jumped without a second thought I hit the water it was cool clear beautiful I got the beach nearby and Wolf was standing there going you take to many risks well I kinda do Wolf is a great teacher in many ways and can get you to see what is not good what is good everything

Last dream was kinda scary in a way the dark entities did get too close for comfort and started bringing my worst memories up to the surface as I was reliving my mum beating me doing things to me I see Wolves come into the room and cover me growling at whatever the dark entities were and I woke up with them laying on me

Im starting to remember my dreams a lot more and im getting better at it and more will be on the way in the future I hope but I learnt I do take to many risks when risks don’t need to be taken elders are the type of being that command respect they are so powerful third the pack has my back

So yeah that’s me I need to get some sleep getting back into fitness routine and first thing is gym im starting to go two days a week but I still do my run and swim twice a day which is good

Have a good one

Dark things are gone

Today has been a good day woke up with the pack gone the dark entities there was more than one are gone not going to bug us anymore and with pack gone Wolf and Anna took that opportunity to well yeah we made love yeah it was great

Spent today even tho its AFL grand final day it’s like the super bowl for us at skate park teaching Anna to skate again a natural but it’s been fun some of the pack are coming back tonight things to do and shit but tonight we are watching the grand final we recording it at the moment so yeah tonight is going to be fun as well

I read Anna’s post I am getting stronger every day I hate being the weakest it annoys me to no end its just who I am im not use to being weak in anyway its not how I was brought up to be but im getting stronger in so many ways spiritually and emotionally that’s the main thing

Anna also has been planning the wedding which is kinda cool she’s having all her girlfriends around tomorrow im going surfing lol anyway they will all help Anna with this stuff life is going back on track which for me is important what does the future hold for us three I don’t know but it sounds like one hell of a ride

Have a good one

Anna talks about stuff again

Hey guys this past two weeks have been crazy but interesting. We are a part of Wolfs pack and we are being treated as family which is great.  They have been laying on me and Ben which is kinda a good thing they are keeping us safe plus their fur is so warm you can feel it if you just move your hand over them .

Ben is getting better at touching them tho which I think it’s great he worked so hard to be able to do it even a little bit. The pack has made themselves at home this is their home too but the energy is amazing its everywhere but it made this place feel great feels like a place of peace and love. They might be here to protect us but it still does not stop them from having fun. I can’t see the entity which annoys me but Wolf is worried sick about the whole thing but also its weird Ben has no energy at all I know the pack is not draining him I thought nothing of it maybe he had no sleep or something but Wolf is really worried about it.

This whole thing even for me is kinda nerve racking I worried too but not for me Ben is getting stronger each day but still not enough to defend himself in a way that could do something but still he gets stronger nothing will stop him. Im so proud he has embraced my world like no other I’ve never met anyone who would accept Wolf and her pack so quickly.

Ok I do want to settle a little something I did fall in love with Wolf yes before me and Ben were together but we never did anything till we got Ben lol. Then I wanted them to bond before we did anything together Ben knew this. These past few months have been the happiest of my life. I love both Ben and Wolf we will be together no matter what.

Now my ex friend I can’t believe that guy. I thought he was a friend and wanting me to dump the love of my life because rich people can’t be with poor people what a load of shit. yes he made me cry but it told a lot of people things about me my secrets and stuff I felt so betrayed and then he spit on me. Im glad Ben was there I’ve seen him made but the way he was how mad Ben was I was surprised he didn’t kill him but im the only person when he’s like that can get him to stop and calm down.

Still one bad thing can’t change this whole thing im happy Ben is happy he still gets nightmares but Wolf and I will always be there for him. He talks to us more and more every day and is starting to really trust his pack. I told Ben to still trust his sister it was probably a mistake which can happen but I understand why he does not want his family to know.  His mum all I say is karma haha. Im going to bed Ben is asleep


From me, Wolf and Ben have a good one


Muslim protests

Today Muslims wanted to protest im tolerant person I believe in the right to protest but what they are protesting about is stupid this kid 19 years old believed suspect and affiliate to ISIS raised and ISIS flag and then stabbed two police of officers one of them Victorian police other was federal police the federal police officer was stabbed in neck head and chest Victorian police officer in the arm and the kid was shot dead by the Victorian  police officer ill link a video and a news article

Now the kid was shot dead and now the Muslim community wants to protest his death on what grounds the police did their job and did what they did was to save their lives from this kid who would have killed them it’s stupid I believe everyone has rights including to protest but over something like this what the fuck here in Australia before 9/11 and everything with ISIS we lived in relative peace with our Muslim counter parts in Australia we pride ourselves on that we are tolerant of whatever you believe but now is not the time to protest I just don’t get it I don’t believe in anyone of the major or most of the minor beliefs out there if you don’t hurt anyone I don’t care but this kid did

I think the people should calm down yes it’s sad that a kid died and I feel for the family but he got what was coming to him you attack the police you will get shot I think this protest is stupid so here are the links



have a good one



Today was a day

I made post about how Wolf’s pack is now mine too but I asked they were laying on my bed Wolf said they want to make you feel a part of this pack they knew me and Anna felt like outsiders looking in and yeah they didn’t like that they have made this house their house on the physical plane which is good

The dark entity there is more than one they are powerful but no need for alarm they will protect me and Anna but I learnt a lot about the pack they are goofy which is kinda cool loving and caring and are kinda cool the dark thing has been trying to poke and prod at me and Anna since with a human it can do more damage than them I’ve learnt a lot in the past 24 hours

Anna felt happy and has taken to this better than me but im embracing it me it will take a lot longer but they are very respectful of this and other things like my bad memories seared into my brain but they are one big family and my non-human family and they want me and Anna to be a part of it

Anna had work today the ex-friend of her showed up lucky I wasn’t there the other pack is protecting her when she is out and about and Anna said that they told her he was there and yeah Anna cut him down to size but I did pick her up since a couple of his mates were standing out the front two of them know me which is funny they know what I can do and told him he was lucky  which is good also I had stuff to do today I will have a few Wolves following me at all times

But yeah that’s my day I wonder what’s next my life is getting crazier and im going to have more Wolves around my place which is cool because they are cool

Have a good one


My pack

Wolf wants me to call it my pack they were laying on me and Anna the brother and sisters Wolf said they want to start treating us like a young one now but it’s difficult since if a young one is in danger they move the young one but with me and Anna they can’t

But also laying on us is a pack thing they do it all the time apparently but it was a good night I felt a part of a family they healed me my back is good still a little sore but it was good they made me and Anna feel safe we are protected they said that we are a part of their pack

Everything last night was to bond and protect us I think they will stay around this is their house as well last night we all cuddled together but its good Anna felt safe her guard is down the other pack is still around they are keeping an eye out the other pack is protecting Anna while she’s at work they are showing we are a part of Wolfs people for the first time I feel apart of a family you have no idea how I feel right now I got my pack now

Have a good one