A nice surprise

Today has been a good day just a relaxed day with Wolf which just chilling is something I miss since my life has been hectic the past few months so today was a nice change cuddling and making love which Wolf said I would sweat and she was right so today was already a great day

Then my sister showed up Anna went out didn’t see her she was picking up my sister from the airport which was a nice surprise my sister was the first person I trusted and didn’t let me down and is someone I would die for along with Anna and Wolf they are the only people/being that I trust more than my sister

So yeah Anna planed this told my sister about the engagement then my brother and his girlfriend came over and we all had dinner together and it was good I told my siblings about Wolf 1 they don’t care 2 they knew from the start my brother could sense her and my sister worked with someone psychic and well I gave her a lift to his place so she could get a reading and he told her about Wolf but they didn’t know I was in a relationship with Wolf tho Anna pretty much told me to tell them that thanks Anna

I did tell them not to tell my mum they won’t but Anna got the sense that the three of us me my brother and sister are a family which she thinks is great we care for each other look out for each other but god I can’t get over how they didn’t call me crazy but I do think Anna told my sister beforehand but who knows I think it’s good to be open about it to an extent if they think you’re crazy they think you’re crazy you know

Wolf tho knew that they knew about her she does not like to hide that much especially when around me but yeah today has been great it’s still warm today I think I’ll go surfing so yeah then go to school

Also thanks to succubusluv for at least making me consider telling my family  so thanks

Have a good one

Wolf is keeping me in bed

After last post I did go to bed Wolf told me to lay on my stomach and she started giving me a  full body massage god damn it worked I feel a thousand times better then she said now something I want all she wanted to do was cuddle that’s Wolf in a nutshell loves being close to me and Anna in a way they both don’t mind cuddling each other

I asked what will it be like when I die all she said was “you will spend days in my bed you will be with me I will be with you” so when I die my afterlife sounds pretty good then she did say “it will be a shock to everything you know but it is a process of being coming a Wolf” I did ask what she meant by that she said “you will become one of us inside and out” so yeah that’s interesting I think in the sense turning me into one of her kind is how we can have kids but I don’t know

Wolf really wants to spend quality time with me today she said today is her day so yeah she is really into TV mainly documentaries she likes to see our view on the universe and war documentaries she finds what we fight over is stupid but says the soldiers who fight don’t fight for their country they fight for each other I knew that but she loves that type of attitude

But yeah Wolf is telling me to go back and cuddle up to her but she also said she wants to make me sweat so yeah

Have a good one


Wolf is very convincing

Last night I was going to go for a run let’s just say that didn’t happen Wolf is very convincing she was like no you’re not and touched me and guided me to bed when in bed she layed on I just melted into her arms she is very convincing to say the least but does a lot of things out of love

The dream I had tho was something Wolf and I were in the middle of a forest and she was on top of me again I could feel her as I can feel Anna I wish that would happen when im awake her skin is so soft hair is silky smooth I said I love you to her then I woke up she said I love you too and sat up and well we started making love she was so gentle yet rough at the same time

Then well she was done haha she layed back on top of me and said go to sleep as per usual I don’t know if spirit beings sleep because if they don’t then it must get boring and if they do what do they dream about it would be different from us by far

But yeah I was going to get up Wolf was right to keep me in bed ouch my back not my knee so that’s good but yeah she still wants me in bed I learnt not to fight her on things like that I won’t win but last night was good Anna is just laughing saying big tough guy and yet a woman can stop you

Anyway have a good one

The day is done

Well today is finally done I removed grass which is easy but if brick is just under god what a pain in the arse anyway it’s all done Wolf has been telling me to go to bed but I still need to go for a run I think Wolf is annoyed that well I over do things it’s just I work till im done then I do something else it’s who I am sometimes I don’t think she understands that

I think sometimes Wolf can be a little too caring it’s still new thing to me im still getting used to it but yeah today was hard work but I got a slab of beer for it so it’s all good but that gardener said it would take two days not one I did it in a day and did it properly so yeah you get what you put in that’s what I live by

Wolf is really telling me to go to bed saying it’s too cold too late for a run ok there are two things I want to talk about a little first are the feminists they are calling me male scum I have two women are not property I see them as sex objects ETC. I can’t have more than one ok a few problems first I never view women as property never will I believe that we are equal in many ways and different at the same time like there whole job argument

There are some jobs I believe woman can only do and jobs men can only do like for men being special forces is a prime example second problem is see Anna and Wolf as sex objects all I have to tell them is tie them self’s to the bed and come off whatever drugs they are on I love them more than anything if I saw them as sex objects it would mean I don’t respect them really if I did respect them you think I would have them in my life or even be willing to marry them yes we do have sex but the thing is it’s called a relationship which is something I don’t think they know about

Last they are under the impression that Wolf is human I have never met someone that has a name like hers in a language we have never spoken at all so what im say don’t judge what you don’t understand I would go to hell for them I would die for them there family I would do whatever I can to make them both happy and protect and care for them

Now second thing I want to talk about is why I don’t like being cold well no one likes to be cold its not a fear or anything ill deal with it soldier style I would stand in the cold and rain and would not care but when im trying to sleep it reminds me of being homeless the bed turns to concreate and brings back the memory of it Wolf and Anna are great at dealing with it talking about it but funny thing they keep me warm  they are always to help me when I need I am always there for them


Have good one

Anna is stepping in

Hey guys Ben wanted to do this but my mother hired a gardener to remove grass and bricks the gardener said it’s too big of job so Ben said he would do it. Im currently there hanging with my family my mother loves the ring and said she knew from the moment she met Ben that we would be together my mum is a bit of a mystery. It was not a motherly thing she down right knew which even for me is weird.

Ben has not stopped working it is a big job he has not taken a break. Only advantage thing for me is well he took off his shirt so for me and Wolf is a plus. He is going to be wrecked tonight he has to take off the grass and then remove the bricks put it in his Ute then take it to the dump.

So the theory all three of us have about how he can see and hear wolf. Well Ben looked into the family tree his grandmother great grandmother and uncles and great uncles everyone pretty much on his grandmothers’ side has either been psychic or sensitive. I think Ben blocked it out due to abuse and other things and when Wolf did the ritual she poked holes in it like a dam a few holes in it will leak so that leak is being able to see and talk to Wolf.

So that’s the idea with how he can see her and talk to her. I think we should not question it the ritual had a good effect so I would not question it. Wolf has started wearing a ring since I said it’s hers too. But she is worried at the moment Ben will overdo it and is trying to get him to take a break well he is almost done. Ben did hurt his knee again at work yesterday and Wolf does not want it to get worse

Ben is getting better at well have me next to him when cuddling and Wolf on top of him. Wolf says he tries not to move anymore he accepted it. I stepped in for Ben I hope I answered some questions

From me, Ben and Wolf have a good one

What I’ve learned about Wolf’s race and realm

This post has taken awhile because well it takes time to get some information since I can only ask one question a day there will be two posts this one and one about how I can see Wolf more theories then anything on how I can see her

Ok first thing Wolf and her people are very social beings Wolf is either over there or her family comes here for a few hours a day not to mention other packs and factions some want to come here to well be social her race don’t mind what race you are has long as you are friendly only real exception is humans but it will change I hope

She is very social apparently all packs no each other since Wolfs faction is the smallest out of the few there are so they all know each other which is interesting I only know my neighbour and that’s it really I don’t know the guy next to him and so on

Second thing is there very welcoming to other beings as long as they show there land world realm whatever you want to call it respect like Wolf said were she comes from is forests river lakes a lot like our world but more pristine more beautiful unlike us they don’t destroy it and if another being or group came in and started destroying it they would pay the price for it but otherwise if you don’t do shit like that your more than welcome

They are very protective of their own kind and would fight till the end to protect one of their own their home Wolf describe it as a fitted out cave it’s like a home but inside a cave it is great to protect their own but her kind are everywhere there world and even in ours but they stay away from humans trust is hard to rebuild with there kind humans really fucked it up

There people do love to explore other places so a lot of spirit beings know that there in the area but barley see them because if they never came across a race they won’t try to communicate and be social but there race never really travel somewhere alone

But yeah that’s what I found out so far still learning more but hey im glad they’re kind of  starting to at least observe humans again I think it’s a good first step

Have a good one


Anna talks about this roller-coaster called the past week

Hey guys I hoped your all doing well this week has been well a roller-coaster. First my dad was murdered in prison by his cell mate. Which put me down I never gave up on my dad yes he did some very horrible things to Lisa but I remember who he was when I was growing up caring, sweet and kind dad. Something in him snapped closest thing I can compare it too is Ben the drugs, alcohol and the girls also he went down to not caring about anything just a down right mean person.

The thing that makes me the saddest is my dad never saw what he did wrong. Now I have to give up on him since I can’t help him now. The dark entities thought it would be a great time to harass me scare me I might be able to see and talk to spirits and kinda use to it but dark entities use your fear things you fear the most against you.

Ben tho was holding me and didn’t let go which I admit made me feel safe. Even tho this is not Ben’s world he had no fear of those things. he was a sweetheart during the night he showed how much he cared.

Then a feminist group that go to the school who heard about me and Wolf said to him your scum two women really you probably treat them like sex objects. The thing is he has never treated me or Wolf as that he loves both of us. I think people should know what is going on before saying stuff like that.

Then the happiest thing that has happened in my life he proposed. I can’t stop looking at the ring his grandmother gave it to him to give to a special girl as if she knew. I felt like I pushed him and he was a bit cryptic on what happened. He gave the ring to his brother to look after it he went to his brothers place without saying anything after what I said I thought something was wrong I thought I pushed him too far and might decide to leave me. Which he’s done to other girls so I called a couple of my girlfriends they came over. About an hour later Ben came home.

He said he wanted to talk to me and it was in front of my friends and said “remember when we first met I knew from the start you would be in my life. Then when i got to know you and saw who you are I had a crush on you but didn’t want to ruin a friendship. But now I want to be with you in this life and the next im your and you are mine you are the only person who stuck by me through my bad times car accident you didn’t leave my bed side when I was homeless and you found me and when I was a drug addict and an alcoholic you helped me get clean and I stay clean for you you built me up and make me happy I love you will you marry me.” I said yes of course but at first I thought he did it because I kept pushing but Wolf said he decided to propose after thinking about it but didn’t know the right time. Also what he said goes the same for Wolf

Something that surprised Ben was what I said to Wolf, me and Ben were cuddling after well love making and Wolf came in and I said to her. “This is your ring as well” even by Wolf’s people we are all married to him and each other but by our people not so much.

I said to Ben we can be engaged till you feel ready but he said to me after when you want to get married then it’s up to you im ready whenever you are I still have not decided when so my week has been a roller coaster started off sad but then happy it was the happiest thing in my life

From me and Ben Even Wolf have a good one

Well Wolf is angry but not at me

I got home from work and saw a video this kid about my age said he was gay to his Christian nutbag parents now im not gay I know people that are I even have family that are I accept all you know and this kid is called a disgrace and being gay is his choice and was getting kick out of the house like WTF if I have kids someday and one came up to me and said I was gay I would not do that I would support them you’re a fucking parent you know

I would not disown the kid but Wolf saw it and got angry rambling on about how could someone treat their own child like that she did say the spirit world the one we all go to does not care if your gay straight bi at all also if christens were right (they are not) I would rather burn because if god cares that much he is and arsehole

So yeah waking up was interesting  also Anna can’t stop looking at the ring also she had all her girlfriends over before I went to work and sometimes I swear they were like oh my god oh my god congratulations everything she had a girls night while I was at work Anna is still asleep like yeah

So yeah ill but a link to the video


Have a good one

Anna and I are engaged

I got home because class was cancelled today and Anna started kissing me when I got home one thing lead to another Anna is a very sexual person she thinks its better to follow our nature then supress them when it comes to sex same with Wolf also I think its years of Wolfs influence but I thought she does act of her feeling but only with me both of them do that

Anyway we were cuddling and she said why won’t you marry me I was like ok unexpected she went on say are you afraid of commitment don’t you want to commit to me we don’t even have to get married straight away just a commitment now before your saying she’s trying to guilt me I know her and she knows me it was not guilt and she knows it does not work on me

Anyway I got my grandmothers engagement ring and proposed and well we know the answer yes so yeah im engaged she’s happy im happy Wolf is happy Anna’s family is happy so all is good

Have a good one


Anna about marriage

Ok this morning I got a call from Matt he proposed to his girlfriend she said yes Anna actually set those two up and Matt asked me to be his best man I said I’d be honoured since im like a brother to him and his actual brother is a cunt anyway his fiancé took the phone and asked me if I was going to propose to Anna

The thing is Matt’s fiancé said that Anna has been asking when I would propose that she thinks we have known each other for years and know everything about each other and yeah well I do see Anna as my future wife but yeah

I don’t know if I should wait or do it sooner and yeah something I have to think about I love Anna and want to spend the rest of my life with her I don’t know I figure it out eventually

Anyway I got stuff to ponder

Have a good one