What to say

I think saying to wolf the next 24 hours it’s just you and me and you can do what you want was a good choice I wrecked last night then wolf wakes me up and yeah anyway she kept going and going I thought I would pass out honestly pass the fuck out I lost track of time but god it was good then a kiss and being told to go to sleep

She went all out no mercy lol but before all that I asked later if the dark thing was mimicking my dad because she would not answer me the first time. She said “yeah it was it was mimicking you dad” ha but wolf says “do you wish it was him” I said “no I don’t want him to be here he’s got things to do” lol he said to someone who crossed my dad said that he will find him so that’s why I said it

Anna tho I think is a bit jealous of the bond me and Wolf have but Wolf said it’s the three of us and no matter what she is a part of Wolf’s family and of course mine so there is nothing to worry about I said to her that I love her just as much as wolf it’s hard to balance two women that’s for damn sure

So yeah wolf is telling me to go back to bed so yeah

Have a good one

My day

Today was fun did some downhill with a storm rolling in not my best idea but hey im fine only stacked about 50 times tho lol the only bad one was a rock garden went through it and hit my elbow on a sharp rock if I didn’t have pads would have fucked my elbow pretty bad

I had fun wolf was fine with me going same with Anna but as wolf say’s ill have to do something she likes since she does like to follow me keep me out of trouble
Ok im back lol in the middle of making this post I got a call up for SES a storm hit as you know there have been a couple of car accidents and removing tree’s from railway tracks got home drenched lol but I saw something interesting when I got home I saw a man standing in the doorway he looked just like my dad wolf has been acting weird about it

I made a promise to wolf since tomorrow for me work has been cancelled due to weather and Anna is going to from now until Saturday its wolf’s day anything she wants which is his I think plotting about what she can do but she lets me do things she does not like me to do it’s her day but it is within reason being human and all

But yeah that’s my day I guess

Have a good one

Wolf and Anna like to cuddle and other stuff

Im new to serous relationships like I was a root and boot type of guy but now that I find myself in a serious relationship I’ve noticed that Anna and Wolf like to cuddle maybe im weird but it’s not my thing old habits die hard I guess it’s not a bad thing but I try to roll over on my side and all I hear is nope
Wolf thinks it’s a great way to get me over my intimacy issues I think it’s helping but only time will tell I have no problem with them being close to me but I have my issues anyway im allowed to do some downhill today all I have to do is hand in work and go so downhill sweet

I think it’s a test but fuck who knows but there are restrictions knee pads elbow pads and helmet well I always were a full face helmet but knee and elbow pads if I don’t use them Wolf will know but I don’t mind it’s still fun

Wolf is an animal in bed not literally but I’ve met some wild girls in my day but her she takes the cake but its passionate and wild people who think im crazy god it feels good its more than just sex and that’s something only people in these kind of relationships know her touches have gotten stronger she’s been trying to get me to meditate more I just can’t sit still I don’t have A.D.D but I just can’t but im trying Anna is very loving one of two people that can stop me in my tracks she’s been very happy the past month or so same with wolf ive never seen them so happy

Anna’s cooking last night did not burn down kitchen and cooked a mean steak im proud of her I love steak so thumbs up in my book im so happy and no one can bring me down so yeah

Im off got downhill to do

Have a good one

Feeling down and how it was fixed

I had a full day of school today which is why I was not down I can’t explain it just one of those days I guess but wolf snapped me out of it she made me laugh she’s actually pretty funny

But yeah today was as predicted same as yesterday but who gives a rat’s furry ass im getting to know Wolf a lot better so yeah better than being with people who are fuckwits but I did get to hang out with the guy who told me about what was going on so yeah im not alone

I’ve got a 20th century assignment due next Tuesday on the Cuban missile crisis 2000 word report FUCK 2000 words GOD um what else I saw one of wolf’s sisters Tall blond busty Wolf and her family do a lot of stuff in the background of my life I don’t notice I don’t mind at all

I’ve been teaching Anna how to cook oh my god last night I thought she would burn down the kitchen but she is getting better I have faith In her but yeah my life is Fucked sometimes but I would not change it for anything

Have a good one

Today was interesting as predicted

As predicted today was interesting people called me crazy, freak, weird and possessed which I thought was hilarious

Ok first people called me crazy I was alone today people saying shit about me the two girls that had a thing for me said they dodged a bullet with not dating me god I laughed at that I think I dodged a couple of sluts and I said that to them lol im not a mean person but you start shit I finish it lol

Then a person walked up to me someone in my 20th century history class and said I was being attacked by a demon and that wolf is a demon whore I pretty much told him not to call her that and if he does it again ill smash him

But wolf kept me company and I feel a little better if people think im crazy fine it’s just their eyes are closed to a world that could teach us so much

But yeah that’s my day

Fuck em

I thought about it im keeping the blog I’ve been an outcast before I can be an outcast again fuck em because im open to a different type of think makes me weird because im in a relationship with Wolf makes me crazy then fine just stay out of my way the guy who told everyone just is going to find out that you don’t fuck with me

Wolf last night made a great point “this blog has been able to open me up more” and she also said “because you think that you got burned by it you might close back up” and she does not want that

If you think im crazy … well crazy sure feels good because you can’t see it does not mean its not there Wolf is my love if you call me crazy well you will never know anyone like Wolf she’s kind, caring, gentle so if you got shit to say then say it to my face cowards
Im not going to stop my blog will stay and the name skaard will stick the name means a lot to me so im staying fuck em I love Wolf who is a spirit and I love Anna a human im more open to things then most of the fuckwits that call me crazy its just sad humans are not ready we could learn so much from spiritual beings even find love but hey that’s their lost and its my gain I guess

So im staying fuck em school today is going to be interesting lol

Have a good one

Do I delete or not

OK in the past few hours someone found my blog the person I thought was a friend found it trying to look up my steam user name so we can chat found my blog on accident but the arse hole sent it to everyone in my VCE classes and people at the tafe the only person who told him to fuck off was Matt (he’s doing a trade at TAFE)

Do I delete it or stand strong and not conform to others and their opinions the person who told me about it knows that I believe in different things and im not normal he’s starting to become my best mate he does not care he knows with me he does not have to believe me but respect what I believe

But what do I delete this blog and try to get back to what is important and try to seem normal Anna and Wolf think I shouldn’t because ive always been an outcast which is true I don’t know but I won’t post till I know for sure what im going to do stand strong accept that im different and not be a sheep or conform and be a sheep but nothing they can say will stop me from loving my two ladies at all

Have a good one

Do the right thing still gets fucked up

Anna’s dad was sentenced today he got 15 years so that’s a good thing I walked out of court when a few of his mates walked up started talking shit call Anna a whore at that moment I stood up and told him to fuck of and don’t call my girlfriend that

Then a fist came out of nowhere and hit me I fought back punched the crap out of the guy that hit me but fucking numbers get me all the time again came out second best it was all because they wanted to get to me because I was the reason he could not get away when cops came knocking on the door my face is beat up but im good ribs are in pain but I still stand I didn’t fall I kept fighting till cops from the court showed up

Lisa said sorry I said what for and she said “if it was not for me you would not get beat up” I told her “not to blame herself and I would do it again and again” so her father is now gone thank fuck that scum is off the streets and cant hurt Anna’s family anymore I feel happy even if I got my ass kicked

But it shows I do the right thing life still goes well done now heres people who want to beat the shit out of you lol life u crazy

Have a good one

Very long night

Wolf went to be with her people talk to family and people from other factions which is cool but with her gone the dark thing came back the dream I had felt so real I was in a room and Anna and wolf were there I had a knife I could not control myself I was killing them slowly I could not control myself and I felt the blood as if it was real there screams asking for me to stop but I didn’t then when they were gone I had control
The dark thing stood in front of me and again said you will enjoy doing that you more like us I cried that I think the thing got scared or spooked by my cries again a light came from behind me I hit it with it I felt the power behind it I think the thing was shocked I hit it with everything I had

Then I woke up to Anna trying to wake me she said that she could feel the power dark and light I told her about it and she said its back not a again then about an hour later wolf came back with us being linked she knows if something is wrong and apparently the pack (her family) are pissed because being apart of her pack they don’t like anyone trying to hurt another member

I would never hurt Wolf or Anna never I love them more than anyone if it tries to turn me on to its side it will learn I will fight it and I have a pack behind me im ready for a fight so I will never turn against Anna or wolf it will have to learn that

Have a good one

What I learnt

Ok I went and did some downhill mountain biking on no trails which is dangerous I sort of lied to wolf just saying im going for drive and said to stay home because I just need to clear my head big mistake but yeah

Anyway I was going on my second run when I see wolf she was pissed and scared living shit out of me made me jump and she said YOU LIED TO ME out of nowhere and I hit a tree so I learnt two things today 1 don’t lie to Wolf 2 tree’s hurt but I did make it up to wolf in the end

Still kinda worth it just needed to do something she would call stupid but for me it’s fun

Also today wolf and Anna settled their differences how I have no clue Anna finally got her video game collection it is huge I have a large collection because if I had spare cash I would get them cheap but god damn she puts mine to shame
Progress has been slow almost a crawl but im still working on it I’ve been very busy had a few dreams but wolf still wants me to get use to being a wolf so she’s been teaching me about how things work how to fit in with her kind being human sort of puts me back but im proud of being human and I think it’s my strength I see things differently from them and them to me

Wolf has tho been trying to fix my lack of fear seeing it as a problem I don’t see it I think fearless or close to it is a good thing I have gotten scared of stuff like people jump out at me but it’s more like I jump little bit then clam down so fast if that makes sense her touches have gotten stronger I can see her but feeling her is just like a tingle if I could not see her I would just say im cold or something
Im working better at being in a relationship like I said in the past I was the type of person who really walked alone and then drop him in a relationship I’ve never had a serious relationship till Anna and Wolf having to be sensitive and open up a little bit which Anna has helped me with a lot

Just as I finished this my footy team won GO THE CROWS

Have a good one