OK I think im good

Ok I think im ok I’ve just decided to ignore the voice I kept hearing in my room I’ve got other shit to deal with t the moment like healing my knee and school in two weeks since holidays started today

I just won’t have the time for that shit if it healed me I do thank it and I think it might of chased off the dark entity but im guard is still up im still working on being spiritually stronger in case it returns

So yeah today it was kind of funny some priest guy said bless you brother and I didn’t sneeze so I thought lol im not blessed by you got I wish I said that I’ve never been blessed by anything I was a tip rat lived in shitty neighbourhood yeah I got out but I’ll always be that person no one not even their god can take that away from me

But living in a shitty neighborhood gave me a very important lesson take your chances and fight just to feed and take all opportunity’s no matter the cost and that’s why im chasing my dream for me to get a PhD in the future and to study the paranormal and no one will stop me now  

When someone says their blessed by a god or a spirit or some higher power I think it’s great but I think some people need it I don’t ill fight for what I want and I don’t care who gets in my way god could end my life but I’ll try to find a way to return just to say fuck you

I remember someone saying that I feel like god has left me and I simply said you don’t need a blessing from a higher power make your own path and I live by that and that person dose too and that person is well off and is living life the way that he wanted to just like me


So yeah my thoughts on things

Have a good one    


Update on what the hell is happening

OK this afternoon I posted on what’s was going on last night but im still from time to time hearing this voice calling my name even and now I get whispers in my ear saying my name what the fuck  if it is a spirit why me am I just a magnet to this kind of stuff I have no clue on what’s going on and I’ve got to admit im a little freaked out I think im going crazy at this point it’s not threating I sense it’s not evil or the thing that’s following me what is it?

I hope it stops when im trying to sleep I need sleep only having three hours last night is a pain yep im defiantly crazy I can’t explain it what the fuck I think I need to go for a swim to clear my head and try to get into a better mindset

Have a good one  

What the hell is happening?

Ok before I start im so happy that the storm went right passed us all we got was little bit of wind and rain so yeah after this I think I’ll go out to the wetlands and bike then after do some surfing down a Gunnamatta or Philip island no time to stop

Well ok I don’t really know what was happening last night I was trying to sleep and I kept hearing my name being called so I kept getting up and everyone in the house was a sleep so I went back to bed then I would hear it again not as loud like it was coming from my room so I looked nothing then I chose to ignore it and it kept doing it then I felt pressure on my ribs and knee I thought nothing of it since I have hurt my ribs and my knee is injured so yeah then around 4 In the morning I finally got some sleep and I woke up a 7 which is late for me but I woke up to my name being called again

So I thought fuck it ill go for my swim so I did and since then I’ve been trying to rationalise it but the things I do know is it wasn’t the dark entity that follows me I know that feeling and it wasn’t it so what was it if anything at all but I think it healed my ribs they feel fine and I hit them pretty hard not even a bruise or pain nothing and my knee feels fine no pain today but I know better   

So what the hell happened  

the theory 2 Fixed

Im back off road BMXing went well my knee seems to be ok after it but I took a knock to my ribs trying to do a back flip on the ramp in the forest and  hurt my rib due to a fucking tree I didn’t see it was dark but it should be fine I learnt a saying here it take to concrete pills and harden the fuck up. Lol

I spoke about it in my last post but I think im on to something. I think the reason why this thing does not want me to do the things I love is because it could be a way of beating this thing and showing it that ill still keep doing all the things I love.

If so then I should keep doing them to finally rid myself of this thing. I’ve been showing no fear and trying to take it on it seems to be working but I can’t tell at the moment it’s a marathon not a sprint I think tho it might be the shadow I was following in the wetlands the other day but who knows is it trying to stop me?.

What scares me tho will it cause me to hurt myself badly to stop me or is that not something I should be concerned about. But that’s my theory and if it’s true I’ll keep doing what I life

Have good one

Why do I love water?

I don’t know why but ever since I was little I seemed to love the water mainly the ocean when I jump in even in the middle of winter it seems like all my worries seem to go away it relaxes me so does anything to do with nature but in the water it’s like it’s my home I feel safe even tho I know the dangers it seems like that does not matter at all but why

It’s the only time I can truly think I swim a few kilometres each day in the morning and in the evening before shark feeding time lol at night and very early mornings but I seem to love it more than anything I do and I do a lot of things it’s something I can’t explain its like my meditation even tho if you close your eyes you’ll end up god knows where I meditate but it never seems to work as well as when im in the water

I sometimes think I could swim forever I love it but why I looked at different angles to try and find out why im the type of person who needs to know everything about the world and myself maybe its something ill never know


My last post till Monday I think since another storm is coming in as I type this I could be called in tonight but who knows  

Have a good one    

Not paranormal well kinda

This post is not paranormal but this blog helps me be able to talk about my life to others

Well as you can guess already I never stop im always doing something from footy, cricket, freestyle downhill mountain biking, surfing, BMX, anything with a motorbike, swimming, rugby, skateboarding and many others. I also volunteer for the SES (state emergency service) and I got a fitness test for the CFA (country fire authority) in about 2 months so I can help with bush fires or in America wild fires. Its all-volunteer work and school and work and this blog on top of that I literally never stop.

All that makes it so I don’t drink alcohol all that often it just seems like it stops me from doing what I want to do in life plus I come from a family were my mums an alcoholic and I’ve had trouble with alcohol in the past and don’t want to repeat that mistake again.

But a lot of people expect those close to me don’t think Im into the paranormal and had experiences of my own I love to explore and study the unknown this thing the past week or so has been trying to stop me from doing the things I love but I will not let it the thing is basically saying I don’t want you to be you does it fear the real me or is doing the things I love my way of defeating it

I swim till I can’t swim no more than keep going and when im in the water my thoughts and theory’s come to me whenever im in the water im relaxed I know it’s stupid since I swim in the ocean or the bay but I feel safe and in Australia the water well isn’t known for being safe but that’s another question I’ve been trying to solve for years why do I feel relaxed and safe when im swimming?

But an interesting thing happened to me the other day I was riding my mountain bike though the wetlands near where I live and I kept seeing a dark shadow standing in front of me but it was always to far no matter how close I got that was interesting but I was more focused on not trying to get stuck in the mud after a storm the wetlands well you know and it’s a good workout btw im not a fitness nut I eat the worse foods I just do a lot

Even now with my knee injury and I can’t play footy so I swim or do mountain biking or BMX I never let things get to me the only thing that ever stoped me for a second was the thing that follows me but I won’t let it any more I want to live life and learn

Well that’s me in a nut shell I know I seem normal for an aussie but im not I think how I think is weird and why I do things are weird also I try to act somewhat normal when im at school or work I hate it why can’t I just be me in society who knows but what ever

Have a good one  ( i think ill go to the skate park and do some BMXing)

My Car Accident

Ok before I start I’ve had a week I want to forget but it is not over first off I got news from my doctor I’ll be un able to play footy for at least 4 weeks did some heavy damage to my knee and then lack of sleep due to my work for SES cleaning up after the storm and another is on its way so yeah

The car accident was probably the scariest moment of my life the ting can’t compare to that moment. I was helping a family member move house in my ute and it started raining so I over took my cousins car cause I had a couch in the back and didn’t want to get it soaked so I over took them as I hit the over pass at its intersection the light turned green so no need to stop then from the left a small truck came and it hit me on the passenger side and pushed me into a pole which hit me on my side and pin my car up against it from there parts are only in pieces so I’ll try to put them together as best as I can I remember pain  and I guy jump into the back seat of my car trying to keep me awake and the smell of fuel then sirens that’s all I remember but my family told me that when they pulled me out that’s pretty much when I passed out the main thing I do remember it’s been stuck in my head was nothing but blackness and a voice telling me it will be alright your safe  the voice sounded female and the feeling of pain went away and I felt comfortable and well safe then I woke up in the hospital with tubes in me trust me you don’t want to wake up like that

I ended up with a pretty bad head injury and some broken ribs but im still here and I should be dead that’s why grateful for that and that’s why I live life to the fullest and I never stop so yeah that’s my story and im still trying to figure out if the voice was my brain doing something or if it was a spirit of some kind I don’t know all I know is that I should be dead

Have a good one


Finally a day off lol

finally i get a day off to do research anyway yesterday was my older brothers 30th birthday then before some clean up work for the SES its been really busy

the pictures i uploaded know i didn’t give any information there were 4 lights when my brother saw them they were huge as he was going down the main highway to go to the bottle o then he came home and told me to see these lights i saw them and ran in to get my phone to take pictures anyway when they did start to move they were in a square formation then moved to all four corners of the square they moved fast and since they were up high it looked like they were going slow so i asked someone i know that’s in the air force and he said its no Australian aircraft  so i thought it was interesting to post since ive been holding on to it for about 8 months or so 

have a good one 

just found out

i might not be able to post the original article i would like to the storm is said to be worse tomorrow and ill be out all day as apart of the SES (state emergency service) so yeah and to anyone who reads this from Victoria i urge you to stay indoors and drive if truly necessary and stay away from water ways and if you life’s in danger call 000  Image