hey i know i haven’t been around for awhile school friends and other important things so im sorry

so my views on life are simple family, duty, respect key word family. My dad who passed away around 3-4 years ago now taught me that no matter what family comes first no matter what they have done to you or for you. you need to protect them no matter what and ill do that till the day i die and after.

i think my father carried that even trough death. in my last post i talked about a dark spirit or spirits. it was a few of months now i had a dream i felt that dark spirit come for me it got dark all of a sudden it was engulfing. then i saw a bright light coming from the left i ran into it and i saw my mothers old bedroom and my dad sitting on the bed all he said was “your safe it cant get you ” i thought it could be a trick so i shook my fathers hand even tho i wanted to hug him and for me a handshake is what i do. I don’t hug anyone and so me me to feel that is odd   so i shook his hand then i woke up and i felt the pressure like a handshake on my right hand and i knew i didn’t sleep on it.

now i look back and i wonder was it my father or was it a trick from someone who knows. the different s between a regular dream and a spirit in you dreams i know it wasent a regular dream 

so have a good one