standing toe to toe with pure evil

these events in my life shaped my beliefs in the paranormal and religion has a whole. When I was around 10 years of age I walking down a dark hallway with a small amount of moon light shining through a small window through the laundry.  When I sensed a well its hard to describe but It felt that what ever it was wanted me dead plain and simple. I tried praying to god being in a religious home and all but it did not work in the future it will be a common trend  so I ran but I think it still stalks me to this day

when I was a little bit older I was around 14 at the time I woke up not from a nightmare or anything scary. I started to feel the same feeling again but even more intense again I prayed it did fuck all so being 14 and think im tougher than whatever it was a stood up  to it and well it made thing worst every night for a good year same feeling same time each time I prayed think it would help but again and again it failed but all of a sudden it stopped or so I thought

when I turned 18 legal drinking age in Australia it started attacking my family and being more aggressive to my brother so to me no one not even the devil him self harms my family in anyway shape or form so I told it to go for me and called it gutless and every curse word under the sun till it started again this time with dreams and sleep paralysis which was new for this spirit in the past it never did that and that was the moment u truly did not like what organized religion taught me for it did fuck all don’t get me wrong I believe in a god but I don’t believe  what the churches speak  it stopped after that for awhile but it started about 3 month ago now im not fearful off it as it knows ill take it on head on im not stupid I wont fight it in the flesh what hope would I have fight something I cant touches or see kind of stupid but it knows I wont take its shit and to me that’s the main thing

hope you all have a good one



first post of many i hope

this is a blog of my own personal experience with the paranormal and the study. I hope to get through all the bullshit that all organized religions taught humanity. I’ve come face to face with pure evil and of pure good  so with that said  I think you need to know a little about me.  im 19 living in the state of Victoria Australia and I’ve been sensitive  to the paranormal  since I was really young  ( im not a person who claims I can see sprits all the time I just get affected by them and know when they are around ) I knew that I could sence something after my dad passed away. But I cropped that up to mourning but later I started feel something was not quite right in my house ill go into that in a later post now to present day im someone who likes to study ghosts demons ect. by myself I don’t play well with other and I don’t trust that many people so I hope to post at least every week. with stuff I felt and learned in that week and even my  emotions  and im not big in that huggie feelie crap so its a bit hard also I will not tell you how to summon sprits and other things im not a witch so yeah keep that in mind