why discords are bad

Because most of em are rp most people are pussified and because its full of cunts trying to guide others even tho they are full of shit so my advice stay the fuck away from discord



something i was thinking about faith magick etc why do we turn to it deep inside not just eg personal wealth or good luck. i think its beauty its something bigger than us yet why cant we be content when we live in a universe where anything could happen. in physics we are taught that things can appear from nothing at all for no real reason that we know of so a pile of gold can appear in front of me right now. how about the odds that two particles in the sun will collide and produce nuclear fusion that warms out planet it is almost impossible yet it happens. how about the face that humans are here the odds are both impossible yet possible
yet there could be a verson of me in this universe living on another planet and i mean an exact copy so why do we do magick really deep in our souls they say you can make your own reality yet it doesnt seem to work like that well the way we want it to become a living god we are almost there without magick we built planes so we can fly phones so we can talk long distance thats breaking the human bindings not magick but our mind now im not saying magick is bs but why follow it why do it when u can do anything you want to do if you truly work hard and in a multiverse of possibilities why not when you could be the version of you in this place that does it
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are spirits mis classed

as a philosophy student we are taught to think of ideas, think outside the box and taught to argue and create a decent argument and i was thinking are spirits a type of biological being? just as humans we label them as non living entities because they dont exist in the physical. they arent like lions or tigers or even us right? they have powers like being invisible well the way i look at it thats just not true. we all have advantages humans have brain to help us make traps to hunt animals and to live better than being a man running around climbing trees



1. Of, relating to, caused by, or affecting life or living organisms: biological processes such as growth and digestion.
2. Having to do with biology.
3. Related by genetic lineage: the child’s biological parents; his biological sister.
4. Being male or female by having the chromosomes for that sex

now lets look at it they grow maybe differently but they grow from a child to an adult all be it differently but growth is still there. and who says they dont digest food sources maybe not in a way we are familiar with. 2nd we already know im arguing they are biological 3rd they may have genetics like us a way to tell each entity apart we know they have bloodlines hense direct daughters to Lilith they have families of a mother, father even brother and sister 4th they can change gender but i do believe they are born as a gender and like trans people choose to be the other gender granted they can do it at will and who says that they dont have a thing similar to chromosomes or DNA

what are some common things we think of as a biological being eat/feed spirits do feed, sleep ive noticed they sleep, reproduce well we know they do and they die again maybe not the way we do old age sickness etc. these might not be in a typical way such as sleep they may sleep for a different reason than us feed again might be used for different things might not need to keep them alive but they have a reason to feed like our reason to feed is to stay alive

just because they do natural processes for a different reason does not mean they are not biological they are energy which is a loose term at best who says a type of energy isnt biological if we came across an alien from another planet that is energy or even gas is it not a biological being even if it shows similar things to what we do what if we came across an alien that doesn’t eat at all is it biological of course its biological so why arent spirits a type of biological being because they come from another reality? thats kind of a stupid argument if you ask me if there are more than one universe which i believe by the way than is that alien from another universe not biological just because it comes from a different reality?

this is a summery of a paper im currently working on granted less well good in grammar or punctuation but i feel it gets the point across that maybe spirit term or definition isnt  completly right maybe a spirit is a type of biological being who knows its just an idea
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talking about a topic that should be talked about not censored

doing courses like philosophy have made me understand the world alot more especially on topics of politics, the economy, social issues, metaphysics and so on. This blog is me venting not in the best way i often misspell things use less sophisticated language and have bad grammar mostly because i dont care. Tho in school i’ve excelled in my chosen well forced by my ladies path which im still trying to figure out why. ive gone from a thug from a bad neighbourhood who just happened to love books to a university student who is fearful of the way political correctness in academia have risen up to corrupt free speech and thought . who brought these issues to university? well feminists and SJW’s of course ive seen the effects of this toxic views where students teachers and other people are being censored.
on my walk to the building my classes are in i get given many pamphlets about feminism, black lives matter, trans phobia, rape culture and of course the patriarchy. if you so much as say no to these items of propaganda you get called names even spat on by these people. i’m just trying to go to class where instead of being taught to use the freedom of thinking and expression we are being taught what to say and what not to say. I’ve heard stories of people questioning this and they got expelled or fired. unless they were females who question it they just get a stern talking to or even if your not white just a talking to yet if your white you get expelled or fired. this is an attempt to censor free speech.
why am i making this post a teacher of mine stood up to the feminists and SJW’s because they were telling this person on how to teach. yet do they have 30 years experience of teaching this field most likely not. guess his gender, sexuality, ethnicity and political leaning. the person is male, straight, white and a conservative well hes a libertarian but still. why is he being fired a man that also excels in his field for just speaking up. well the left don’t like hearing other opinions that disagree with their lies. we are even being put in a gender studies class feeding the future great mind a load of shit rife with statistical and common sense errors. i don’t judge so i put 100% in the class a paper i wrote was graded lower even tho a female friend who even said she wrote a completely shit paper (shes ant feminist especially in the classroom) got a higher grade and she asked the teacher why i got a lower mark im quoting what she said ” because hes a white straight male” now hows that fair your pre judging that my misogynistic based on my sex and ethnicity. yet if i did that i’d be fired so explain how thats fair.
now i have harpies annoying me because in a debate last night i said no real man would want to marry you and that your destroying women and men alike quoting the sexodus written by Milo Yiannopoulos. men are running away from women retreating into video games, masturbation and sports or for me books, video games and succubi. so why are men running away from women well because everything we do is labelled as racist homophobic sexist etc. men dont know how to deal with women anymore because of it which if it continues to trend into the next generation we are in serious trouble as a species. what is funny tho this makes women miserable men can retreat from women but the women follow because they hit 30 and are miserable they most likely own a cat have relationship disasters and no children.
i know personally ive been far better retreating from society id rather be with my ladies, read books, play games, and sport than dealing with human women and all their craziness divorcing anna was best choice i made she used me and because shes a woman its ok not using anyone is not acceptable i dont care what gender you are. my spirits deserve my attention rather than human women they never use me nor do they manipulate me sure they guide me but i still have free will plus my money stays in my wallet. i’ve noticed tho due to not giving the women the attention i either get attacked by feminists or get alot of attention me retreating from society isn’ because im a shut in anti social neckbeared fat guy no im fit can be social tho i don’t like people all that much and i can get girls unlike these beta male whiteknights the feminist rather me over them because im a man… a real man who doesn’t really care about them.
it’s funny how succubi act more like how women should act they understand males better than human women of course us guys are simple food, sex, video games or whatever and sleep yet feminist would go they are oppressed they aren’t they do what they wish when they wish they understand a relationship isn’ one sided that it takes two to tango and they dont manipulate us guys to get what they want. well not in the traditional sense hahaha when you wake up rock hard thats them going we want to play hahaha but they don’t guilt me bully me or any of that they understand males will be males we do stupid stuff sure they don’t like us getting hurt but they understand its a guy thing they understand that we are loud rambunctious and fun we are creative, smart, strong granted just like them but in their eyes human women pushed us off that path because human women when dealing with a man like that cant control him.
well thats enough for today i got a paper to write for my physics course/ degree ill write more on topics like this at a later date
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news and information has come to light

ive been lied too by my wife Anna she wanted to keep me in chains for lack of a better word. she used what my ladies say is illusion magick to make me see lilly (succubus) as evil and Wolf now known as Amy saw what she did ages ago and hid herself as a wolf. mira saw it too and so on kept my ladies from being themselves is bad enough but tricking me into a lie forcing me to be hers and only hers was enough for me to devorce her. now i have 13 ladies which are succubi well most of them except manami and akemi. wolf, mira, tera, lexi, kathrine, leah, sarah, lilly, ash, carmen and crimson thoes are succubi ever since i left anna three months ago ive progressed far
my ladies pushed me into academic fields which im hoping to get phd’s in such as philosophy, chemistry and physics. Which i dont see why set me on this path i guess they have reasons if any of you know please comment. im free from annas lies which she fed me shes been using dangerous magick to harm im guessing my spirits and me trying to make me her lap dog. if not for as mira said waking up i would not have seen this and hurt thoes that truly loved me
so thats a breif overview of whats been going on i hope to find the truth and give it to you guys im free from that corrupting influence and this overview doesnt do it justice how messy it is i hope to bring the real ladies information and about them to you guys just give me time to re get to know them
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few new ladies & other things

ive got a few new ladies first was laura shes a panther of wolfs race shes a preistess to the panther gods second is leah a succubus mira found her outside my house battered and hurt abused for most of her life she forgot how to be a succubus thats how long she was abused i helped her and we fell in love the other is sarah friend of sheena succubusluvs girl succubi are more sexual than wolves wolves are more cuddly
my book on spirits is almost done with drawings of the spirits its very scientific with things like if physical what it would weight powers height affiliations lords etc so thats coming along ive been connecting with nature more which is something i find spiritually beautiful like the world is seen in new way
but mostly its been boring just alittle update on things hopefully ill post more but ive been trying to grow closer to my ladies learning things for me now and they even teach things that only future me would understand
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message to all SJW and feminazi and other groups

i got spat on few weeks ago while i was in dress uniform after one of my brothers died in front of me a brother you’ll never see on the news or any recognition and i just wanted to buy some beer after his funeral to crack a beer open in his memory with my brothers in arms and a femi nazi spat on me saying im a soldier of opression all i said was go to iraw and see real opression done by ISIS and their own government they wouldnt let me in and i got spat on again pushed shoved i punched a male protestor… wait not a real protestor he hates our country and our soldiers so he doesnt even have the right to protest in my book anyway punched him and walked in forcing my way through
so to all these types of people understand this i gave my rights so you can have yours i dont get a choice of when i go on deployment i dont get the right to not work i dont get the right even to sick days so before you do this stupid stunt to prove how hard you are hard hahaha know this in our eyes your weak you never needed to sacrifice you dont even know what that word means you burn our flag FUCK YOU you dont have to like the country but you need to respect what that flag means to thoes past present and future who gave up or will give up their lives for your rights while you sit on the internet reading radical posts complaining and bitching i will be getting shot at i will kill and most likely see men die for that flag vererans will suffer from injuries and ptsd for that flag we fight so you dont have to
simple saying ” people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only becuase rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” understand that we fight so you dont have to you think if ISIS ruled the world you’ll have rights… no you wont and thats why we fight ive had aboriginal people the same types saying fuck all white men and get out of our country shake my hand and thanked me for my service see even they know what we fight for
so if you spit on me so be it ill still fight for my country to protect the rights and freedoms of my people even you even tho i hate you becuase my nation is worth the work i put in while your on tumblr complaining about men or rascial issues or reading radcial articles or tweets remember im overseas fighting bleeding and maybe even die so you have the right to free speech and insted of bitching go out and make change insted of spitting on soldiers enlist and see what we see then you’ll see true HELL but that will never happen becuase your weak gutless cowards who would rather sit on their arses than work ill go through hell working hard insted and when you next spit on a soldier expect us to knock on your door becuase we are not cowards ill serve my country till that end the very end even if im killed
remember this if i die i died for my country for your rights and learn what my family will go through and show respect to me and my brothers since we are the lions keeping the wolves out of this country
ps ive been called as of tomrrow ill be SASR i did pass selection
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